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By Gary Collins
Pine Bluffs Post Reporter 

Don't judge a rabbit by its color: Even when it comes in a book


Gary Collins/Pine Bluffs Post

Mr E., center with hand to his ear is waiting for the called for response of "Yeah' from the crowd.

For a moment it appeared that Mr. E and Kyle Groves of Party People Productions would be proven to be inept magicians at their magic show held at the Pine Bluffs Library, Friday afternoon on July 19.

Mr. E was performing his illusion of Fraidy Cat Rabbit. Sliding open a panel of his device, Mr. E exposed the easily scared rabbit. He exhorted the 48 children and 17 adults attending the performance to then loudly yell "Boo." After they did ,he reopened the panel to reveal that the black rabbit had turned white.

However, one brave young man in the audience had noticed how clumsily Mr. E had performed the trick.

"Turn it," the young man called out.

It seems that Mr. E had not so subtly spun the panel book around and revealed not the black rabbit turning white but a different white rabbit altogether.

Mr. E feigned ignorance of the young man's instructions and he turned to his right and asked if that was better.

"Turn it," the young man called out again and was joined by others of the audience.

Mr. E then turned to the left.

"Turn it," they cried. "Turn it around."

Mr. E feinted left and feinted right. The cries of the children grew.

"Turn it around, turn it around!"

Mr. E finally got the picture. Holding the panel book close to his chest, he spun around clockwise.

"Turn it around, turn it around!"

Feigning comprehension once again, Mr. E spun counter-clockwise. The audience grew restless demanding he show them the other side of the panel book.

"Turn it around."

At last they got their wish as Mr. E turned the panel book around and exposed neither the black nor the white rabbit's face but the rear end of the black rabbit, fulfilling their wishes in more ways than one.


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