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2017 in Review Part 2


January 4, 2018

Courtesy Laura Fornstrom

Above: Wyatt Fornstrom is being honored on Monday, January 8, at the CITIZENSHIP AWARD, PINE BLUFFS HIGH SCHOOL presented by LCREP Citizenship Award LCSD #2. He is a Senior at Pine Bluffs High School. The principal Todd Sweeter and Career Counselor Darla Golding nominated him for this award. He is the son of Todd and Laura Fornstrom. Activities and interests for Fornstrom are football, basketball, track, FBLA, NHS, National Youth Leadership Council. Pheasants Forever Youth President alter serving. Interests: hunting, fishing,conservation, weight lifting, leadership training, building guns, playing sports, and military service.

There's a new veterinarian in town

Even though she was going to have her nails done, it was not a spa day for Nikki the poodle at the Bluffs Veterinary Clinic in Pine Bluffs.

Nikki needed to have some dental work done and a couple of moles removed. Prior to this, the poodle would undergo a physical. She fell under the care of Dr. Joya Migliaccio (the "g" is silent), D.V.M.

Dr. Migliaccio is the new veterinarian at the clinic. She took over the duties of Dr. Brianne Simonsen.

She came to the practice just two days after graduation from Veterinary School at Colorado State University (CSU) on May 16.

"I started two days after graduation and have been here ever since," Dr. Migliaccio said.

She had heard about the opening from a friend of a friend of Dr. Amy Berry, of the Bluffs Veterinary Clinic.

"So I called Amy and got in touch with her and made an appointment to come and just hang out here for a day. Honestly, I interviewed around Wyoming, Montana, a little bit in Colorado," Dr. Migliaccio said. "This was, by far, where I felt the most at home and it was just, I can't really explain it, but it felt right when I came to this clinic. It just clicked,"

Dr. Migliaccio spent part of her undergrad years in Colorado and the other at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N. H. where her mother is from. This helped broaden her perspective on the country.

"That's one of the thing I love about the United States. I know it sounds cheesy, but I like that anywhere you go in the United States there is something different to offer. Like, it's very different on the east coast than it is in the midwest, than it is in the west, than it is on the west coast," Dr. Migliaccio said. "It's all different kinds of cool."

Coming together as friends, neighbors and volunteers

"During the short time I have been a reporter, I've been assigned to cover developing news events involving unthinkable losses. I've covered structure fires, the town of Ten Sleep losing its firehall, and other events I could never imagine experiencing," wrote Zach Spadt, who at the time was the reporter for the Pine Bluffs Post.

"We were hit awful. Every window on the south and the west, up and down, were completely broken out. . .Then the windows on the north and the east, the windows weren't broken, but the frames were all damaged. So we had windows all the way round replaced. It looked like a war zone. It was just awful," said Phyllis Gross, who along with her husband, Bill are this year's Grand Marshals of Trail Days.

"I am also no stranger to watching people come together to help each other out in a time of need - but I have never been directly impacted myself. Always just an observer. That changed last Wednesday when the storm hit," Spadt continued.

"It was absolutely the worst storm I'd been through, seen," said Derek Walls, Laramie County Fire District No. 5 Chief.

Walls had been called to duty for a downed power line. On the way to the fire station, heading west on Third Street, Walls stated that the water and slush and hailstones came as high as the hood of his truck, even washing over it. Reaching the station and taking a quick look around, Walls realized where his duty lay. He handed off the power line call to another agency and went to work. He was not able to go off duty until 11:00 a.m. the next morning.

"I was just sitting down to eat dinner when the hailstones began hitting my living room windows. I grabbed my dinner, went to my closet and took shelter until it blew over. I walked out to the same scene in my home that darn near every one of us saw. As soon as it was over, I grabbed my camera, put my reporter hat on and went to work. I was blown away by the destruction that lay all over town," Spadt continued.

Law enforcement and other first responders went to work as well. They came prepared for the worst because they had to.

Pine Bluffs Police Chief Justin Trout, however, was unprepared for what he witnessed.

"Everybody came together," Chief Trout said. "There was no looting."

100 years of

Pine Bluffs high school

Burns Councilwoman Betty Nussbaum, Class of 1947 has to yet miss a Pine Bluffs High School Alumni Reunion Banquet and Jack Harrison, Class of 1951, has missed only one.

Harrison is the nephew of Alfred "Pete" Carlstrum, who was a member of the first graduating class of Pine Bluffs High School in 1918. Carlstrum, for whom the athletic field has been named, was the lone boy in his class amongst four girls, Gladys Wilkinson, Valedictorian Loretto Erickson, Olive Skitt and Elta Moore.

Harrison, along with his wife, Glennis, Class of 1952, have only missed the one reunion in 66 years. On that occasion, in the late '70's, they were traveling with their daughter Marjorie Gorman, Class of 1973, and were in Egypt at the time.

Councilwoman Nussbaum stated that she herself has not missed a reunion in the 70 years since her graduation.

"I used to help set them up," Nussbaum said.

Local author to sign book

Laramie County Libray is hosting a local author signing day on Saturday September 16, 2017 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Approximately 20 local authors have signed up for this event, being held at the Cheyenne Branch-LCLS, 2200 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, WY.

Pine Bluffs own published author, Elizabeth Roadifer, will be there featuring her newest book "The Trouble with Fairies"; a romantic fantasy work. Roadifer was a 2015 Kindle Book Awards Semi-Finalist for her thriller book "This Time Justice", published in 2014.

Roadifer took time off from writing to be a caregiver to her father until he passed in 2016. Roadifer attributes her success in writing in such different genres to balancing the brain. Roadifer stated, "It is nice to take a mental vacation and write about love, humor, magic, and mayhem. Yes mayhem is a constant because without conflict, a book would be boring."

Copies of both books, The Trouble with Fairies and This Time Justice, will be available at the Local Author Signing Day.

Eagle Scout organizes first aid and emergency project

Eagle scout, John Bartles organizes the first ever "First Aid Preparation and Emergency Preparedness" project in Burns on Saturday October 7. John Bartels, a senior patrol leader of Scout Troop 101 put together the entire project to earn his Eagle Scout rank.

Bartels, the son of Jeff and Lyssa Bartels,from Burns, is also certified in first aid and CPR, as well as a first aid instructor for the Boy Scouts of America.

Included were representatives from District 4, District 6 EMS and EMT, District 5 and Cheyenne Flight for Life. First aid was demonstrated and taught as well as CPR, skills from all districts were shown off, from the "jaws of life," securing patient before transporting, first aid table, high end rescue and demonstration of companion dog in training.

CRMC demonstrated the helicopter's use and informed the crowd that the life support given by community and local services helps make the patient's chance for survival more likely. As well as individuals with CPR knowledge.

District and council from the BSA commented, "This is the largest and most encompassing project they have seen, and it was extremely well organized."

Approximately 50 people of all ages attended and participated in the event that started out with a breakfast prepared by the Eagle Scouts Troop 101.

Bartels in the beginning stages of planning this very impressive project, applied to the Burn's town council to solicit for needed funds to help with the breakfast supplies.

Cross Country state winners

Securing State for the 8th year in a row the Pine Bluffs/ Burns XC season comes to a finish. State for Cross Country was held in Sheridan, WY at the eye appealing VA hospital grounds.

The boys team ran at 11 a.m. and the girls at 12:30 p.m. due to rotation of having the second race this year. Before each state race the teams like to start with a team workout. The team workout is one of the most essential parts of our program.

The boys had a rough battle with the wind, which had began 10 minutes before the race. that didn't stop them. They fought hard and strong, finishing with close times but not quite to their PR's.

Although we are losing a senior, Colton Sowards, we have high hopes for our young team next year.

Within the team, 3 out of 7 boys had never ran a State race before. New to the team were Greg Fornstrom and Joey Romans, who are freshmen and David Gordon who joined the team this year as a sophomore.

The girls are now 8 time 2A State Champions! The coaches were pretty positive that the team had second place to Lovell until the last 800m of the race, Although Lovell is a great team they are a wicked one from the west. The girls still came through!

Freshman Shelby Thurin and Sophomore Piper Perez ran their first state race this year. Piper gave it her all! During the last 800m Piper showed her super power abilities. As they both stepped over the line Perez had been just a hair ahead of Thurin and finished 2nd instead of 3rd! Perez proved how talented she really is with the power she held in the last stretch of the race.

Consistence is a huge plus with the team, and Hallie Christopherson truly proved herself this year. She was determined and knew how to successfully get the job done. Piper Perez was awarded 2nd with a time of 21 :02 and Hallie Christopherson was awarded 8th with a time of 22:36 both were awarded All-State Honors.

Burns Council votes to pay back loan in full

Glen Crumpton requested to install a radio system on the water tower to alleviate some of the dead spots for the emergency responders hand held radios. The Utility board approved, with the stipulation to work with the Burns maintenance crew, however approval was given to proceed not the final installation.

During the maintenance report, approval for a new tractor not to exceed $25,000.00. The request and approval is due to the current tractor motor needing replaced and it would cost as much to replace as it would be to buy new. Payment will be made out of the allocation, mapping and drainage funds due to the fact that the new tractor will be able to get into the ditches and work on the alleyways. Also, the sewers were all jetted last week and the parks have all been winterized.

Utility Board reported the resignation of the current board president Matt Fields. It will be posted to replace him in the near future.

Application for Jillian Vaudrin to join the Burn's volunteer EMT was approved by the council. 10 call for the month with 5 responses and two transports was also noted during the Ambulance report, as well as the ambulance being currently out of service, due to diagnoses for the long crank issue.

Motion was approved to pay the balance of $317,000.00 to WWDC (Wyoming Water Development Commission) for the A-7 Well. Approval was given to pay J & J Flooring $1,920.00 to seal the north gym floor and $18,755 to reseal both gym floors.

Announcements were as followed: November 18 from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Craft show, November 23 & 24 Town offices will be closed, November 30 at 2 p.m. Bid opening for Liberty Park, December 11 6 p.m. Utility Board Meeting, 7 p.m. Council Meeting and December 25 and 26 Town offices will be closed.

Council went into excessive session.

I-80 traffic back to normal

Eastbound lane of I-80 is scheduled to be open sometime this week. Traffic should be back to normal by Friday or Saturday.

"The I806199-Pine Bluffs Marginal project is coming along well," per Kevin Erickson, Resident Engineer for Wyoming Department of Transportation. The prime contractor SEMA Construction, Inc. will have everything that is necessary, to safely open the eastbound lane of I-80 for the traveling public. Some minor task are still being worked on, and will be throughout the winter/spring months, however the project is on task for the completions date, August 31, 2018. Additional paving will need to be completed next summer when warmer temperatures allow, at this time there is no set date for additional paving. Giving the weather conditions, paving will begin around June, 2018 to reach the completion date.

"As expected with any project this large, there have been setbacks. SEMA has done a great job overcoming some of the problems encountered, so the completion date is on track," says Erickson.

Hornets Sting again!!

When the Hornets came home from state the Town of Pine Bluffs were waiting anxiously to welcome back their defending state champs!

Through the entire battle it took to get to state the Hornets showed what true sportsmanship truly is. With great teamwork and dedication this team went all the way, and brought home the one thing they all wanted...another state championship.

The Pine Bluffs Fire Department was waiting for the Hornets when they arrived home with the fire truck. All the members of the Hornets team paraded through the town while riding on the fire trucks.

The town was filled with supporters and they showed their pride for the Hornets as they followed the fire trucks through Pine Bluffs. Not only were the Hornets the state champions again, but they were also undefeated with a record of 11-0.

Pine Bluffs showed how proud of their football players they are, and all of the dedication, time and effort, it took to get them where they are at now.

Already the Hornets are setting their sights on next year.

Modification to consent agenda topic at Pine Bluffs Council meeting

Discussion to modify the Consent Agenda cover items Minutes from the November 6 meeting, consideration of Claims and Payroll, extended hours for Knotty Pine, building permits for a fence at 645 Black Blvd., a shed at 830 Sanders Dr., invoices for AVI PC and Lidstone & Associates. Modifications included New Years Eve extended hours for Knotty Pine be last call at 2:00 a.m., to pull the invoice for Lidstone & Associates. Council feels that the invoice needs to be challenged due to the fact, that billing is for updated information on a study provided approximately 2011 that was paid for at the time. The same information that was provided previously by Lidstone & Associates was not correct. Discussion on the AVI invoice confirmed that it was for last months service on land study for North Wells Master Land Plan. The information from the study is tentatively on schedule for the Dec. 18 council meeting.

Several Resolutions were on the new business/action items for the November 20 council meeting, including the -2017 Authorizing a site lease, a lease agreement, and an escrow agreement. Todd Bishop, with Keiser Wealth Management presented bid recommendations for Capital Leasing Subscriptions relating to the Resolution. Resolution 2017-13 Resolution Adopting the Wyoming Region 7 Hazard Mitigation Plan for Pine Bluffs, WY. Additional action items to this resolution include, wildfire protection and clean-up plan, public concern of no hail, tornado or storm shelters, increase notification and education or siren range and possibility of creating a Union Pacific railroad crossing over or under pass. The importance of adopting to this plan is to be eligible for federal or state funding for emergency management items, to be able to apply for any Laramie County Emergency Management Services grant funding that may become available. Resolution 2017-14 continuing as members of the SSBCI/WSCN which is Small State Business Credit Initiative and Wyoming Smart Capitol Network. In 2012 WSCN was formed, 17 municipalities joined together, Pine Bluffs joined the consortium to spur economic growth and help create jobs in the community. This is and equity fund to provide collateral for people to start a business. The final item on the new business/action items was to review and approve Wyoming Municipal Power Agency Amendment to original agreement. This is in regard to the fiscal year change. WPA board has voted to change their calendar year to a fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. With this change it will mirror Pine Bluffs' fiscal year, to make reporting to WPA easier. All resolutions as well as the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency were moved, seconded and passed.

Department reports were: preparing for "Christmas at Home" as well as raffle tickets on sale, youth basketball registration starts the week of Nov. 27, proceeding with the pre-bid for water project, movie night at Community Center Nov. 16, about 125 kids plus adults attended, the town website is looking good and will be getting an even better update in March, WAM (Wyoming Association of Municipalities) winter workshop scheduled, next council meeting will be Dec.5.

Jerry Lamb had received a private easement for fiber optic cable request as well as the need for a franchise agreement with all utilities buried in the Town of Pine Bluffs easements.

Rabies found in Laramie County

This past weekend a family found a odd looking skunk wandering around in their farm yard. The skunk did not seem to be scared of people, when a skunk is seemingly unbothered by human presence in the day it is possible that it is rabid. "If you have been observing an animal and are worried it might be rabid, it is best to call animal control." stated Dr. William S. Shain. "If you feel comfortable enough shooting the animal yourself, but not in the head, do so and then call you local veterinarian for testing. There shouldn't be a charge due to it being a concern of public health " said Dr William S. Shain from the Bluffs Veterinary Clinic.

Any mammal can carry rabies, although the biggest threat to the tri-state area are skunks and bats.

To prevent your beloved animals from contracting the rabies disease, you should get your animals vaccinated. Keep them up to date on all their shots as well.

Another great way to help prevent your pets from being exposed is to keep your animals under close supervision while outside doing their business.

Rabies is easily transferred in a variety of ways. One way it can be transferred to humans is through bodily fluids from an infected animal either through a bite or scratch. If you have abrasions, scratches, or open wounds, then it is best not to touch a dead or alive animals you think might be infected. Even fresh excrement may be contaminated. Animals can contract rabies just as easily as humans. Animals who get in fights or attacked by a wild animal should be taken in to your local veterinarian to be checked over incase of any injury. Another possibility is if your animals find a freshly dead animal and decides to eat it.

If for any reason you fear you may have a rabies problem you should contact local animal control as soon as possible. If you fear your own pet might be infected as well make sure to get seen by your local veterinarian and be sure to keep your pet safe.

Along with the hazard of contracting rabies, there are also symptoms to watch out for. For animals they could have increased and unusual aggression, restlessness, change in their bark or even an increase in vocalization. In more advanced stages they may show have signs of weakness, paralysis and even seizures. Many animals will show different signs of distress, but it would be better to just get ahold of your primary veterinarian as soon as possible.

Rabid animals are a threat to people alone by just existing. With winter coming animals will also try to move into areas that are warm, protected from the elements, and provide food. As winter approaches and temperatures drop be sure that any entrance points for small animals are closed off. If you notice animals inviting themselves into your home, it may be in your best interest to call your local animal control.

Be safe this winter and keep a close eye on your animals and family and make sure to lock up all the small nooks and crannies in your house this winter.

Celebrating years of service at the Texas Trail Market

Spirits were good and attendance was at a three year high for the annual meeting of the Texas Trail Market Coop.

A dinner of ham, potatoes, and green beans was served by the board members to members and their families. After dinner, ice cream was handed out by members of the Texas Trail Markets's courtesy clerks.

President Don Herman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.. with the Pledge of Alligence. The previous meeting's minutes were voted to be passed over and not read.

Herman gave a brief statement as to the financial report which was presented to all upon arrival.

Election of board members whose terms had expired was next on the agenda. A motion from the members was made to close the nominations and accept the nominees to fill the three vacancies. Re-elected were Don Herman, Rachel Lipska and Jackie Fornstrom.

Council picks Christmas Decoration Winners

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed at the December 18th Council Meeting. Items included the claims payroll, extending the hours for the Pine Bluffs Distilling on New Years Eve, the water tank project, and the sale of unused city vehicles.

The hour extension on New Years Eve for the Pine Bluffs Distilling along side the Knotty Pine have been approved. The usual time of closure for these establishments is 1 a.m. however the times will be adjusted to 2 a.m..

The water tank project was also discussed during the meeting. It was mentioned that DN Tanks had the lowest bid which also included a $20,000 force account. This low bid also added all the alternatives needed for the project. Adding site chain link fencing surrounding both tanks for security, also water float switches, and disinfectant check valves. All of which leaves the city with a positive variance on the project of almost $300,000.

The 3rd subject mentioned during the meeting was the city trucks pending approval for sale. The only two city vehicles being used are Ford F350s, meaning they use more gas than is ideal. The Request being considered is that the equipment replacement schedule be a new truck to be received by the Public Works Department.

Dawnna Merryfield

The last portion of the meeting was used for visitor comments and new subjects to be brought up. There were no visitor comments but many subjects brought up to talk about. Such as the geo survey waiting arrival to start planning the site plan for the new parking lot. Another subject was Sonya Fornstrom applying for a grant for the kite festival which was approved for $1,500 for next years kite festival. One of the few things mentioned was the inspection done on the air port fuel systems. The inspection was passed but there were a few changed needing to be fixed. The paper work needed improvement along with warning signs for aviation fuel.

The meeting had a few more minor conversations that will be presented in the next meeting.

The top ten winners for the Christmas Decoration contest were named. (These may be found on A3).-

The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday January 2nd due to the New Year holiday.


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