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Laramie County Retired Educators present Citizenship Award to Wyatt Fornstrom


January 11, 2018

Dawnna Merryfield

Left to right: Laura Fornstrom, mother of Wyatt, Wyatt Fornstrom, and Connie Brinkman of the Laramie County Retired Education Personnel Group.

Wyatt Fornstrom, of Pine Bluffs has been recognized by many people for his hard work, determination, and kind ways.

On January 8, 2018, W. Fornstrom received a citizenship award from the Laramie County Retired Education Personnel group. Many factors go in to the decision of the recipient. This year, the award was presented to W. Fornstrom because of his participation and care for his community, along with his academic achievements and sports.

W. Fornstrom hasn't just been full time student, he also has been managing many extracurricular activities on the side. He is the student body president this year at Pine Bluffs High School. He has been on the student council all 4 years of high school.

W. Fornstrom is a part of the Texas Trail Ringneck's and is the Pheasants Forever Youth Chapter president for 2017-2018. He has been participating in Pheasants and Quails Forever since he the 5th grade.

W. Fornstrom is also active in sports and he participates in varsity football, basketball, and track. He was the recipient of an award from the referees. They awarded him with the 2017 football sportsmanship reward.

W. Fornstrom has been nominated for the Air Force Academy, Navel Academy, and also West Point. Senator Mike Enzi nominated W. Fornstrom for all three schools. Senator John Barrasso nominated him for the Navel Academy, and West Point; and Congresswoman Liz Cheney nominated him for Air Force Academy, and West Point.

"Its an honor to receive such an award but also an honor to be recognized." states W. Fornstrom. "It only took 18 years to be able to get here." he added with a smile.

There are many qualities that have lead W. Fornstrom to the point he is at today. He believes that his most important skill would be his leadership skills. Pheasants Forever has helped teach W. Fornstrom how to become a better leader. "One thing I've learned above all about being a leader is to let everyone voice their opinion and listen to what they have to say, its important to listen to the opinions and calculate the final decision on how well it will benefit everyone rather than just yourself." he said. "You may realize that you aren't always correct or helping as much as you think." added W. Fornstrom.

One of W. Fornstrom's dreams has always been to be a pilot for either the Air Force, Navy or even the Army. He has stated numerous times as well, that he's always wanted to join the military so he could be a part of something bigger, but to also follow a dream he's had since he was in the 6th grade. "Wyatt came to me in the 6th grade with a piece of paper with information about the Air Force Academy, and said this is what he wanted to do, so here we are doing what we can to obtain his long term dream." said Laura Fornstrom

Courtesy Pheasants Forever

Left to right: Sydnie Fornstrom, Piper Perez, Wyatt Fornstrom. Kneeling in front: Kaetlin Paice.

W. Fornstrom is the middle child of 4 children. His parents are Todd and Laura Fornstrom. He has an older sister, Taylen, and two younger twin sisters, Maddie, Sydnie. Laura Fornstrom, mother of W. Fornstrom, mentioned, "I am so proud of everything he has accomplished this far, but I am still nervous to send him so far. The excitement and pride still overcome the nervousness because I know he is ready and can handle what comes his way." L. Fornstrom later added, "I have always done my best to support my children's interests, if any of them have come to me with something they want to do/try, I've done everything in my power to help them achieve that goal. I stand by them and push them to their best."

W. Fornstrom is quietly waiting to make a decision for after high school, knowing one of the nominations could change his life forever.


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