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Eastern Laramie County Special Olympics formed for students in Pine Bluffs and area schools


Penny Merryfield/Pine Bluffs Post

Left to right: Amy Zitek and Donna Crandall of Pine Bluffs High School have succeeded in forming a Special Olympics team for Pine Bluffs High School through the Eastern Laramie County Special Olympics.

Long time teacher, Donna Crandall of Pine Bluffs High School and school secretary, Amy Zitek are the two coordinators for the Eastern Laramie County Special Olympics.

Crandall has been taking part in the Special Olympics for some 14 years and has worked many many hours to reach the point of getting the go-a-head to organize the ELCSO.

Crandall and her other coordinator, Zitek have taken students to the Wyoming Special Olympics for several years. "Last year there was forty-one students that went and participated from Pine Bluffs". stated Crandall.

The goal with the program, that will be raising funds for uniforms and more, is also funded by the State and Special Olympics. "We will be raising funds through a football contest with conjunction with the Special Olympics Torch Runners group." she added.

Crandall went on to explain the program and how things will work. "Volunteers are invaluable to us," she said, "and there are lots of adult volunteers, as well as students."

The program consists of the athletes, who are students with disabilities, and a "partner" who is a student who is not with a disability to work, guide and assist the athlete. "We were able to compete as a fill in this year, and it was very successful. We are looking forward to the actual start of our program, with the athletes starting in August with soccer and bowling. Basketball will also be a sport available for the members of theEastern Laramie County Special Olympics.

This program is also available to athletes that are home schooled. Information about the program are available from Donna Crandall and Amy Zitek. Information may be obtained by calling Crandall or Zitek at 307-245-4000, Pine Bluffs High School.

They are excited to start the new season, with the students.


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