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Father Soldier A Daughter's Story


Courtesy Kittrell family

Airman Robert E. Kittrell stationed at F. E. Warren 1949.

You watch him come down the hall, his uniform all intact, neat and sharp. He pats you on the head or gives you a playful swat on the backside, before he heads over to mom, to say goodbye.

Sometimes, his good-byes are just for the day and he will be back at the end of his shift, or they are for months at a time because he has gone TDY overseas.

Yes, we are the daughters of a soldier, a military man, whether it be Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard and Reserves. We know the drill...Dad is going to be gone, help your mother, and don't get in trouble! Those were words that still to this day, echo in our heads.

Being the children of someone in the military, was a prideful thing, but sometimes it was a hurtful thing as well. There were times news at the home front was good, that Dad would be home soon, and then the times when our friends would be told their Dad would not be coming home at all.

If your Dad served, then so did you. There was the base camp...and the "house" camp. Not to be confused with "boot camp" but darn close. House camp was when Dad ruled the roost, like you were in boot camp. Make your bed every morning, (and yes, some of us could make it just like in basic and have a quarter bounce off it!! Or KP duty...okay every child at some time has to do the dishes, but in you grew up in a military family, it was KP.

Courtesy Donna Kudabeh

Army, William Parker Grant, Sr. deployed to London, England.(1953-1955)

Going to work with your military Dad was exciting. This particular Dad was NCOIC of the paint shop. Not only did he paint airplanes, but there was always the occasional "Officer of star quality" that needed his car/truck painted! Yes, then we got to help.

One daughter, talks about her Dad, and the things he would say, like "T.....s, Spectacles,Wallet and Watch, had to have all that when you left the house".. Donna Kudabeh reminisced.

Waiting for your Dad to get home, whether for excitement, or punishment was sometimes a long wait. But wait we did. The days of waiting for Dad to step off that plane, or ship, still is there today. The wait is still great with anticipation and utter excitement. So while some of our Dads are gone to the permanent wild blue yonder, there are those who still come home to little ones that have grown by leaps and bounds, and Dads still treat them like they were younger! To all this Dads, that have served, or are still serving, these daughters wish you "Happy Fathers Day!"


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