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Articles from the June 19, 2014 edition

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  • Land Ho!

    Zachary Laux|Jun 19, 2014

    Six-year-old Pepper Wallace casts out Monday afternoon from a new boat his family bought two days previously. The boat was located at the old Sunset Motel north of town.... Full story

  • Chrysalis house discussed at town meeting

    Allie Hurley|Jun 19, 2014

    During Pine Bluffs town meeting Monday night, Caryn Miller, town treasurer, updated the council and its guests about the Chrysalis house. The Chrysalis House is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for women. It primarily focuses on mental health and substance abuse treatment. The treatment center provides residential short-term and long-term treatment care. The program is through Peak Wellness Center. Miller said the program is loosing money because it is residential instead of outpatient. The house does receive funding, however it is...

  • Manuscript offers First-hand look at state history

    Bill Sniffin|Jun 19, 2014

    True recollections of Wyoming history involving such things as wolf roundups and recollections of historical figures like Gen. George Armstrong Custer and Sacajawea come alive in a uniquely historical book, whose story of how it came into being is almost as interesting as the stories it tells. Wind River Adventures by Edward J. Farlow is an amazing book that details the early history of Wyoming. It features some of the more amazing characters in our state’s history. And the stories Farlow w...

  • Guess Where?

    Allie Hurley|Jun 19, 2014

    How well do you know Laramie County? You can find out by participating in the Pine Bluffs Post's "Guess Where?" segment. Each month, we will publish a photo and it is up to you to guess where it was taken. Those who guess correctly will be entered for a chance to win a free one year subscription to the Pine Bluffs Post. Your only hint is the photo was taken somewhere in Laramie County. Call 307-245-3763 to submit your guess. Last month's answer: Last month's photo was taken of bolts on a grain... Full story

  • Senators and Rep to visit Albin, Burns and Pine Bluffs

    Jun 19, 2014

    Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Congressman Cynthia Lummis announce that their representatives Debbi McCann, Jamie Gronski and Nancy Prosser are scheduled to be in Burns, Pine Bluffs and Albin on Monday, June 23, 2014. Area residents are encouraged to stop by during the scheduled times to discuss matters regarding the federal government. All comments and concerns will be relayed to Sens. Enzi and Barrasso and Rep. Lummis. For more information, call McCann at 307-772-2477. Schedule for June 23: 9 a.m.-9:30 a.m. — Burns Senior Center, 1... Full story

  • Community Clandar

    Jun 19, 2014

    Items for possible inclusion in the weekly community calendar should be typewritten or legibly printed. All submissions should include the name and daytime telephone number of the person submitting the information in case questions arise. Items which may be included in the calendar are church events, club meetings, and school events. If your club will not be meeting or has a change, please contact us so we can update the calendar with the correct information as soon as possible. Items should be received on Monday at 5 p.m., one week prior to th...

  • SPND Board Hears Water Usage Report

    Submitted|Jun 19, 2014

    Corn and small grains take up the largest percentage of acres under irrigation in the South Platte NRD, according to the District’s Water Usage Report, presented to the board of directors at their regular monthly meeting. Corn accounted for 49.6 percent of irrigated crops in 2013, with small grains at 21.1 percent according to the report, presented by the District’s Water Resources Coordinator Travis Glanz. Glanz’ report showed that irrigation use dropped closer to normal in 2013, following a huge increase during 2012 when severe drought grippe...

  • Barrel racers enjoy family time inside,outside of arena

    Allie Hurley|Jun 19, 2014

    By Allie Hurley [email protected] Friday night's Double Bar G Rodeo was filled with many racers competing in the 3D barrel racing. Barrel racing ended the rodeo with four sections and four breaks for raking the arena. Racers of all ages came to Pine Bluffs to compete. The racers were from all around. Some have just begun racing and others have done it all their lives. One young racer had one of the fastest times and hopes to become faster. Rayne Grant, of Wheatland, 10, ran a 16.23....

  • Ladies travel to Scenic Knolls Golf Course

    Submitted|Jun 19, 2014

    The Panhandle Senior Ladies Golf Association held its most recent outing at Scenic Knolls Golf Course in Mitchell. Winning first place and scoring 4 birdies was the team of Dee Vogel, Connie Booth, Beth Korell, and Lois Bare. Coming in second and scoring 1 birdie was the team of Terry Espinoza, Sylvia Debus, Jane Holechek, and Jeannette Fitzgerald. The team of Gail Magers, Linda Gunia, Julie Walworth, and Chris Lapaseotes took third place and had 3 birdies. Scoring one birdie each were the following teams: Vickie Nemnich, Phyllis Greenwood,...

  • Welcome to the Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo

    Dorothy Timm|Jun 19, 2014

    A rider aims to stay on a bucking bronc at the Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo.... Full story

  • Our Lady of Peace shrine celebrates another year

    Allie Hurley|Jun 19, 2014

    Our Lady of Peace Shrine's 15th annual pilgrimage was held on Friday and Saturday. The vigil began on Friday night with the Rev. Kock reflecting the stations of the cross. The 14 stations represent the 14 mysteries on a rosary. The stations of the cross include: I. Pilate condemns Jesus to die. II. Jesus is made to carry his cross. III. Jesus falls the first time under his cross. IV. Jesus meets his sorrowful mother. V. Simon helps Jesus carry his cross. VI. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus....

  • Banner County News

    Barb Cross|Jun 19, 2014

    Good morning to you all! It was good to see, those of you who were able, out and about this past Saturday, as Harrisburg celebrated it’s 125th year as a County. The weather was fairly nice, little too much wind, but at least the rain held off. It was great to see a few new entries in the parade, I hope they plan to participate again next year! It was also good to see the teenage crowd attempt to be involved as they brought out the ‘dunk tank.’ However, it was disappointing that they were unnec...

  • Burns News

    Sharon from the Burns Library|Jun 19, 2014

    On June 25, 1987, President Ronald Reagan began a presidential proclamation with the words “More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy — farm-raised catfish.” June 25 is National Catfish Day. It’s a day to enjoy fishing and some tasty fried catfish, or catfish cooked with your favorite recipe. My family loves to go fishing! We will no doubt enjoy National Catfish Day along the banks of Oliver Lake. The bounty of our fishing trip will be saved for a family fish fry on July 4. Summer Reading Celebration is underwa...

  • Bushnell News

    Jamie Carpenter|Jun 19, 2014

    The village board meeting was held last Wednesday. It was a short meeting with little to discuss. The board held the 3rd and final reading for the resolution to adjust water and sewer rates and then passed the resolution. Source Water Protection is offering grants to villages. Bushnell plans to apply for one for a generator for the water pumps. Two building permits and a mobile home permit were approved. Residents and landowners must have lawns mowed by Monday, June 23. The health board will...

  • Albin News

    Charlene Smith|Jun 19, 2014

    Summer begins this weekend. With it comes new life, new adventures and opportunities to make cherished memories. Pastor and Mrs. John Morrison of the Albin Baptist Church began a journey that would include all those things. They traveled down to Texas for the celebration and ceremony of their son’s wedding. Congratulations to the Morrison family and we all hope they had a safe trip and made lasting memories. The first baseball games for the Wildcats were this past week. The little sluggers showe...

  • Hereford News

    Carolyn Ragsdale|Jun 19, 2014

    In honor of Father’s Day the fathers chose the hymns at the Hereford Community Church this week. For the special Kathy Zitek read a story from Guideposts about a veteran dad. Pastor Opdycke centered the service around fathers. She read several scriptures that tell the roll of fathers concerning their children. The Lord nurtures the child through the parents. Proverbs 13:24 says “If you love your children, you will correct them.” Children mimic their parents, so be a godly example. Next week...

  • Sticking to the simple things in life

    Charlene Smith|Jun 19, 2014

    Remember when we were young and summer days were planned around baseball games, what time the pool opened, and our piggy banks funding the local ice cream shop. Sometimes, a financial endeavor was hosted in the driveway with lemonade to get more quarters for more ice cream. Simple, really. Sell something sweet to get something sweet after enjoying a sweet summer day full of activities. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting something sweet doesn’t either. A trip down to the local ice cre...

  • Looking Back

    Jun 19, 2014

    1 years ago June 19, 1914 To the voters of the State of Wyoming:- Responding to a state wide request from republican and progressive voters and friends, I have decided to become a candidate for the republican nomination for the office of Governor of Wyoming; at the coming primary election. In that connection I wish to state that I stand squarely upon the declaration of principles enunciated at the republican mass meeting held in Cheyenne, April 6th, 1914 If nominated and elected I pledge myself to an honest, progressive and economical...

  • Photo in history

    Courtesy of the Texas Trail Museum|Jun 19, 2014

    The Texas Trail Museum and Pine Bluffs Post would like to identify when this week's historical photo was taken. If you have any information about the photo, contact the Pine Bluffs Post, 307-245-3763 or email [email protected].... Full story

  • No till notes: Changing plans

    Mark Watson Panhandle No-till Educator|Jun 19, 2014

    By Mark Watson Panhandle No-till Educator With all the abundant moisture around the Panhandle this spring we’ve received some severe weather that has caused a change in plans. Many producers have lost some of their fall and spring planted crops to violent hail storms that are often a part of our precipitation pattern. These producers are faced with the prospect of replanting or changing their cropping plans and going to a short season summer crop. These alternative crops include edible beans, proso millet, forage crops, or sunflowers. While i...