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By Cynthia Shroyer
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Burns set to sell land, bids being sought


Matt Fields appeared before Burns Town Council Monday night to present an offer to purchase land owned by the town of Burns. The cash offer was not accepted due to statutory requirements. The land at the center of the inquiry is Lots 17 through 25, Block 6 on Main Street.

“We are looking to use the land for personal use not development,” Fields said, explaining he and his wife, Hannah, would like to use the land for a garden and a shop in the future.

“The sale of land statute is quite specific,” mayor Judy Johnstone said. “It says in brief that council needs to entertain the idea of interest in purchase, that we need to advertise for three weeks that we are interested in selling, and take bids. If council is interested would be advertised for sealed bids. Top responsible bidder wins bid.”

Council agreed to put the land out for bid. Sealed bids must be submitted by 3 p.m. Feb. 11, at town hall. The bids will be opened at 7 p.m. during the regular council meeting.

Johnston brought to the table a discussion about gym usage at the Burns-Plex. Currently around 50 people hold keys to use the exercise room, a number of whom don’t use the keys.

“We have so many who have keys to exercise room there is a concern about security,” Johnstone said. “Do we want to consider not waiting until north building is redone to move exercise room to that building.”

Councilman Phil Oakes suggested putting a sign in sheet in the exercise room and generating a key log so council can examine who is in the Burns-Plex. Johnstone suggested it may be time to move the exercise equipment to the north building. More discussion on the matter will be had at the next council meeting.

Johnstone announced that the town has tentative approval for funding for the connection of the new well to the town water system. The matter is before the state legislature this session. The project was approved as part of the Omnibus Water Planning Bill of 2011. She said the amount of $1.214 million is being looked at for approval currently. The town portion, to be paid within 30 years of the completion of the project will be about $500,000.

Before yielding the floor for other reports, Johnstone asked council to set a work session date for the prioritization of approved 6th Penny projects. Council agreed on 6 p.m. Jan. 28, prior to the council meeting.

Jim Cummings, representing the Pine Bluffs Sportsman’s Club came before council seeking approval to rent a gym at the Burns-Plex. The group holds an annual gun show. Council approved the rental for March 22 through 24 at $100 per day and expressed pleasure at the group using the Burns-Plex for the event.

In the report from the sheriff’s department it was noted there were a few problems at high school, kids being kids, nothing serious. It was also reported there was a potential shooting incident about 3 miles north of town Sunday night. No one was hurt. If anyone has any information on the incident, they are asked to contact the sheriff’s department.

In old business, council approved on third reading Ordinance 1B.01(e), which adjusts council meeting dates to one night per month. That meeting would be the held the second Tuesday of each month.

Council also heard the second reading of Ordinance 11A.02 (a), which repeals the necessity for a stand-alone ambulance board.

Oakes gave a report on the ambulance service and asked council to approve the addition of two EMTs to the service. Council gave its approval.

Oakes said thanks to Scott Madison all re-certifications of service members is done. Madison will also be serving as a CPR instructor as soon as he has completed training with the VA.

The service requested a new AED for ambulance, as there have been battery problems and the AED was not reliable on a recent call. The unit costs about $1,700 and it needs to match up with AMR equipment. It was approved for the service to spend up to $2,000 on a new unit.

Oakes said he will be rolling the service’s grant application into the 2013 process for the purchase of new ambulance.

Finally, Oakes asked council to approve paramedic Erica Madison as ambulance service supervisor, Scott Madison as training officer, Oakes as assistant supervisor, and Steve Newton as supply officer. Council approved the request.

Council concluded the meeting by going into executive session to discuss leases.

The next Burns Town Council meeting will be held Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. with the work session to begin prior to the meeting at 6 p.m.


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