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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

City Park Project starts swinging


Pine Bluffs Council reviewed four bids from contractors for the City Park Project Monday night at its meeting. Scott Larson from Benchmark Industries gave the council a spreadsheet to review with all the necessary information from the four bids.

“Reiman Corporation came in with the lowest bid,” said Larson. He added Reiman had made a mistake on the quote for asphalt re-patch, but they would honor the bid they made.

Larson explained to the council once they accept the bid, Reiman will have 15 days to complete all the forms necessary to begin the project.

“I hope to have the forms back to you by the next council meeting, and they would like to start working on the electrical first,” said Larson. “They have a soft completion date of June 30. The last thing they will do is lay sod in places that were torn up by the work.”

Larson said this would allow the town to go ahead with any Fourth of July plans but would need to rope off the sodded area. He added this would make the park “ready for action for Trail Days.”

Mayor Bill Shain reviewed the plans for the park and discussed some possible minor changes in the layout. Larson felt the contractor would be willing to work with the council.

Don Brown submitted a letter to the council for lease payment on the sign for the RV park on his property. Brown’s letter said that no payments had been made since 2006.

The council discussed the worn sign and if it is needed. Council member Alan Curtis said he drove the interstate and noticed the sign would be hidden by tree branches in the summer. “The highway has signs saying Pine Bluffs has camping, and that is what I look for when I travel,” Curtis shared.

“We might talk to the school after we make our decision since they still own the RV park, just to be complete,” said Shain.

Council member Mark Fornstrom moved to forgo the RV park sign and the council agreed.

Town administrator Caryn Miller, said she had checked with Dale Electric on the RV Park hook-ups and only four were replaced last time. Shain said there was no money budgeted for this work, and it would be best to put it in the next fiscal years budget “which will be this summer.”

Curtis told the council the gate to the golf course was looking “a little rough.” He said the tee boxes “might need a little attention before it gets too bad.” Miller asked Curtis to write up a work order for the gate and tee boxes.

In other business, Shain signed the resolution to adopt the combined Cheyenne/ Laramie County Hazard Mitigation and Strategy Plan. This plan will help the community receive federal aid if a disaster strikes.

The council adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel issues.

The next meeting will be Monday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.


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