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By Patrick Cossel
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Lending a helping hand


Northern Wyoming is covered in several inches of snow this morning. Judging from the fact that the Big Horn mountains a re-hidden, I am guessing there is more snow coming.

With there being a large amount of snow on the ground, my task this morning was to shovel the sidewalk and clean off the cars. No easy task, let me assure you.

I find as I am working my mind tends to wander. This is especially true when the work is purely physical and requires no real thoughts.

This morning my thoughts wandered to my friends at the Denver Children’s Hospital — I wrote about them a couple of weeks ago. I found out this weekend that the boy will make it but will not come through unscathed. He will have some vision and mobility impairment. His father told me they will be going to rehab for at least a year.

The doctors say it is very possible he can make a full recovery. I felt like I witnessed a miracle.

Now the family has medical bills and travel to rehab expenses growing. But, as is typical in small towns — one of the reasons I love smaller communities — the town is rallying to help them.

See, one of their friends is organizing a chili feed benefit for the family. Another is organizing a benefit tournament. Other friends are sending donations, dropping off food or sending meals to them in Denver.

That’s what small communities do. That’s what friends do. I love that.

Aside from this, there are other examples of communities rallying around each other. Often times, in the pages of The Pine Bluffs Post, you will find announcements about Poker Runs, Chili Feeds, Spaghetti Feeds and more. Usually they are to benefit some family in need, or an organization that helps those in need, like the Pine Bluffs Volunteer Fire Department.

I know you get these type of events in large cities, but let’s face it, anonymity is easy to achieve there. It’s easy to suffer without anyone knowing. But not here. Here, like it or not, we all know each other and each other’s business. While sometimes that can be a bother, it can truly be a blessing.

Now, if only someone could help me scoop all this snow.


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