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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

The electricity men create


Electricity is a noun which can mean intense, contagious emotional excitement. Of course it also means “the physical phenomena arising from the behavior of electrons and protons that is caused by the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge.” Electrifying.

But for the sake of today’s heart to heart, we’re going with the intense excitement meaning.

Men seem to instigate a fuss whenever they are around. Oh, not all the time, guys, and not You, of course. Generally, however, men stir passion into the pot of complacency. I understand women (and I am learning little girls, too) get charged from a bit of drama now and then. I can be a great thespian when I want.

But drama and excitement are like chess and football. Both intense games, but one you watch to see who will die next and the other to feel the thrill of a victory. I wouldn’t hesitate to say there are no crying fans after a game of chess.

There is a little football game happening Sunday. Two teams will meet on a field in New Orleans to compete for a big gold football. This game of men throwing, kicking, catching, and carrying the ball down a 100 yard field generates a frenzy way beyond the American borders. People who don’t even like football get excited for the Super Bowl. Think if we could harness the current from all the fans during Sunday’s game. We wouldn’t have to worry about turbines ruining our view or a 10 cent fuel tax.

All this from a few guys getting paid to play a game for a gold football. But the passion behind it, whether we are tricked into all the hullabaloo or we are truly excited for the game, is overwhelming. And passion generates more passion and it is passed on.

My father was an electrician. He loved talking about the force inside the wires, why there were different colors of tubing around them, the shock you would get if you crossed wires.

Men come in different colors and sizes and have different forces inside of them. And they can shock you, even when you don’t cross them. It doesn’t do any good to stay away, their current can grab you from a distance.

Many men bring light and energy to this world.

So, Sunday, many of us will be grabbed through our television sets by two brothers coaching apposing teams, by a “flavor of the week” quarterback and a “my guy Friday” quarterback, and lest we forget “my main man Ray.”

A lot of folks after meeting me say I am like the “energizer bunny.” I guess I gathered a lot of energized sparks from those men whose current found its way into my heart. On Sunday, though my beloved Bears are not battling in the Super Dome, I guarantee a little current of energy will fly in like a raven and lift me off the couch and scream like a 49’er who found gold. Electrifying.


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