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By Cynthia Shroyer
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Oakes resigns from Burns council


Burns Town Council member Phil Oakes submitted his resignation from council Monday, Jan. 28, citing work demands in the coming year will preclude his attendance at council meetings. This is Oakes second stint on the town council, having served as mayor between council terms.

Oakes told council he did not feel he is able to fulfill the trust placed in him by the residents of the town while maintaining his job responsibilities. He will remain as assistant supervisor or the ambulance service for the town.

Notice has been posted eliciting interested parties who wish to be appointed to the remaining time on Oakes term to submit a letter of interest. Seekers of the seat on council should note that meetings are held the second Monday of each month. A notice of interest should be submitted to town hall by noon on March 4. Mayor Judy Johnstone will meet with applicants during that week, and offer suggestions as to Oakes replacement at the regular council meeting scheduled for March 11.

Jeanine West and Bill McHenry from the Laramie County Emergency Management Agency addressed council. West and McHenry shared the Combined Cheyenne/Laramie County Hazard Mitigation and Strategy Plan that has been created to conform to the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. After some discussion West and McHenry were thanked for all of their hard work and Resolution 01-28-13, adopting the Mitigation Plan as approved by all participating entities, was approved by council.

Pastor Nathaniel Ensley of Blessed Hope Baptist Church was present to request addition of the next-door room to their lease as they have already run out of space. Ensley indicated when the current tenant moves out, the church will put a door in the wall between the adjoining rooms to provide the congregation with much-needed additional room. Council approved the request.

During the report from the sheriff’s department, Bill Thomas told council the department is seeking funds for a Wyolink expansion. The expansion would enable the system to work well in the interior of eastern Laramie County. He told council Burns would be an excellent place to put an antenna to aid the department in that task.

Council approved several items during the meeting, including an update to the town personnel policy, naming Wyoming Bank & Trust as depository for the town of Burns and WYO-STAR as the depository for town reserve funds, and the final reading of Ordinance 11A.02(a) which eliminates the town ambulance board.

Council was presented data on costs for design, engineering and construction supervision for the construction of the new ambulance garage. Council approved moving forward with the project.

A request was made by Sabrina Mathews to not have the utilities for the old town hall transferred to her name until August. Council preferred she comply with her initial lease, and that the accounts be transferred this billing cycle. Mathews also saw the lease extension for the Around the Corner Cafe´ approved during the meeting.

During council reports, councilman Ralph Bartels pointed out there are residents riding four-wheelers on the town streets and tearing up the streets. Oakes said they are not licensed and so are not legal to be driven on the street. He also noted those on four-wheelers are tearing up private property.

The next meeting of the Burns Town Council is slated for Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. at the Burns-Plex.


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