By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Improvements to Pine Bluffs pool


Charlene Smith

The plans for the pool renovations.

The Pine Bluffs Town Council took a step closer into jumping into the deep end of renovations at the city pool Monday evening at the council meeting.

The council agreed the work needed to start immediately in order to be completed before the pool opens the end of May. They discussed the playground and picnic area being moved and the field being sodded for the soccer fields after the pool work was finished.

Council member Mike Ragsdale asked about the concrete specifications, adding they might want to use “4000 PSI (pounds per square inch) so it doesn’t crack in five years.”

Mayor Bill Shain said he remembered the covered patio area cracking a few years after it was poured.

The council was confident in the contractor and agreed to the estimated work and materials and the plans with the addition of using 4000 PSI concrete.

Town administrator Caryn Miller mentioned there was 2008 Sixth Penny tax money left in the account and pool improvements were listed that year. She encouraged the council to use that money for the project.

In an earlier meeting, the council agreed to keep the old police car but acknowledged it needed some work. Miller gave the council two bids for work that needed to be done to the car. Council member Alan Curtis said the town pays for milage every month, he would like to see the car used for trips so there is less milage paid. Shain thought that would be a good plan. The council agreed to have the work done on the car and told Miller to select the best bid.

In other business, the council approved a contract between the town and Phoenix Fire Protection for the semi-annual inspections at the day care and community centers.

After reviewing the employee policy, Miller and attorney Alex Davison encouraged the council to “do away with comp time.”

In other staff discussion, the council reviewed bids received for mowing the town this summer. Curtis said he would like to see the contract extended through Oct. 15. The council agreed to accept Dustin Lee and Travis Werner’s bid to take care of the mowing and watering. The council was concerned with the Reher Park and City Park work cutting into the amount of work done this year. Miller said City Park would be done the end of May.

Miller explained Chris Lidstone would like to have a workshop with the council on water and sewer capacity. “I thought we could combine this with the workshop with the staff suggestions,” Miller said.

“I don’t want to procrastinate, but with the election and possible turnover on the board coming up, it might be better if we wait until May to do this,” Shain said. He added Lidstone’s suggestions weren’t time sensitive and Miller would still have time to work on the budget after the workshop. The council agreed and Miller will set a date for the middle of May.

Community member Nancy Sundin asked if she could clean out the weeds under the day care fence and plant pumpkins for the kids. The council thought that would be a great idea for the kids.

Community member Daryl Gade said he enjoyed going through the bluffs and looking at wildlife. “I was taught to respect the land and enjoy it,” said Gade. He was concerned with a new road graded through the bluffs and it went “right over where a doe has her twin fawns every year and it just bugged me.”

Shain said he appreciated Gade’s respect for the bluffs and explained the council agreed to let property owner Preston Harer redevelop the road to the town’s standards but maintain it himself. “The road has been there for many years and you can see it on Google Earth,” explained Shain. Gade asked if one of the council members would come out and look at the road and “tell me I’m wrong.”

During the department reports, Miller reminded the council that the water project area was updated weekly on the town’s web site,

“Beyond notifying the affected property owners directly, anyone could track the progress by checking the website,” explained Miller. “I would also like to commend Chuck Kimble for the work he did while the water was shut off. He knew exactly what he was doing and it all went real smooth.”

Miller also informed the council the recreation department received a grant to improve the rodeo arena from the Laramie County Recreation Board and a grant to refurbish the basketball courts from Laramie County School District No. 2.

The council adjourned to executive session to discuss pending litigation. The next meeting will be Monday, April 15, at 7:30 p.m.


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