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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Tracks made for school district


Representatives from Laramie County School District No. 2 attended the School Facilities Commission work session and regular meeting in Casper May, 15 and 16. LCSD2 requested to be on the agenda to address their concerns with the differences in the track standards based on the specific classification of school.

The standards are split into three separate sets of standards; one set for 1A/2A schools, one set for 3A schools, and a set for 4A schools.

Higher classifications mean more generous features included in the standards. Business service director Rob Bryant presented the districts concerns over the inequities in the current standards and challenged the commission to review and update the standards. 

The district had support from other school districts and the staff of the School Facilities Department supported a full review of the track standards as well as their building construction adequacy standards. 

“The chairman of the SFC agreed with our concerns and empathized with the problems with having different standards for programs that should be pretty much a base package regardless of size and classification,” Bryant said. “He indicated that they will be working on getting the standards review completed in time for upcoming legislative Select Committee on School Facility meetings.”

State law requires that the SFC review and update the standards every four years and the SFC is currently out of date. A discussion continued of what needed to be done with that in a timely manner. This process should begin at the regular meeting and retreat for the board in June. LCSD2 would like the process to move as quickly as possible since they would like to begin the construction of the new track at Burns high in 2014.

Bryant explained Dubois High School is currently working on a bid for a 1A/2A standardized track. Dubois is on a shorter timeline than Burns but is still hopeful the standards will change.

“We are optimistic of changes occurring with the standards and we were pleased with the direction that the Commission has taken in this regard,” Bryant said.


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