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Good morning Banner County! We have enjoyed some pleasantly cool mornings the past few days and rain! Some wheat and corn fields may survive until harvest yet. I certainly hope so. So many of our community members have been hailed out, some totally destroyed. We hate to see that and as we see the combines begin to roll into our area we keep a close eye on the weather, right along with you.

One thing the hail hasn’t managed to destroy is the weeds. Things are looking pretty shabby around our local post office. When the postal service changed the hours for our local office who did they hire to do the clean up over there, anyone know? I recently have had a few residents ask me and I sure don’t have any idea. Maybe this question will get the ball rolling and something or someone will take care of it.

Longtime residents Carol and Marv Soule who moved to Brush about a year ago celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past weekend. Many, many friends and relatives joined in the celebration. The reception room was decorated in red and white and I couldn’t help but tease them about being Husker fans, although I knew that was not the reason for their choice in the color scheme!

We had a surprise visit from one of my cousins from Missouri this past week. She had promised her two granddaughters who were visiting her from Georgia a trip to South Dakota this summer. These two had never been this far west and were very interested in the landscape and really wanted to see a buffalo. We had fun at the monument and enjoyed the arts center as part of one day. The Oregon Trail and other historical area landmarks that we tend to sometimes take for granted were very interesting to these two ladies. We had recently visited them in Missouri and gone to Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City. I had not been there for many, many years. I loved it all over again, guess I am a history buff at heart.

With Oregon Trail Days this past week Gering was flooded with people, patrons and vendors alike. I personally enjoyed the craft show and music in the park; I really wanted to see the quilt show but couldn’t wait for them to open the doors, so I missed that one.

The next major area event will be fair, which is just around the corner and for us starts in Kimball the week of Aug. 5. Speaking of Kimball, this Saturday, July 20, the town merchants will hold their annual sidewalk sales from 8 a.m. until noon.

Locally we are much quieter for a week or two. There is a volleyball team camp for the girls in Laramie on Sunday, July 21, and other than that not much is going on. Fixing fence and waiting on harvest; repairing what the weather has destroyed.

Some folks will be celebrating a birthday though and those include: Lyle Huffman, Doug Olsen, Dina Cashler, Spencer Mount, Maxine Brown, Amy Grubbs, Jay Dove, Ron Havengar, Amanda Cochran, Norris Leafdale, J.T .Evans, T.J. Grubbs, Trey May, Kaylee Bohnsack, Nancy Olsen and Sarah Meyer. Happy birthday! No anniversary celebrations that we know of.

For youngsters ages 7 to 13 who are interested in learning new speech, vocal, or dance skills there will be a TOFY Camp at the Midwest July 22 through 27th. TOFY, or Theater Opportunity For Youth, will be taught by director Kim Grams, members of the Theatre West 2013 Company and Jr. Assistants who will teach and mentor students. The six day camp will be from 9:30 a.m. to noon and will cost one child $50 and each additional child per family $30. For more information please call 635-6193.

If you have information (NEWS!) for me please call 436-7152, 641-1335, or send to Have a great week and until next time, take care. Barb Cross (Mrs. Rod)


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