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July Newsletter

First and foremost, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer and is taking advantage of the extra family time. As can be expected I always enjoy summer break. Personally, I love the extra time with my family. Professionally, it gives us some time to look hard at the previous year. We evaluate all of your successes and hurdles, and then we eagerly start planning for a new year. Next year there will be many changes, with a lot of newness. This will bring a lot of excitement and possibly some bumps. Do know that I always look forward to change, and am excited to conquer the new year.


Recently, I received our ACT PLAN and ACT EXPLORE results back, and I must say I am excited about our students results. It would appear that these two classes are on track to do some great things, and I look forward to bragging about them for years to come.   

On the EXPLORE test, when compared to students across the nation our students scored in the 59th percentile in English, 60th in Math, 56th in Reading, 73rd in Science, and 63rd for their composite. We also had some individual students do extremely well on the test. Before I go any further I want to throw a huge shout out to Casey Kukowski, Kyle Jeffres, and Caleb Pachel. Casey was in the 100 percentile in English; Kyle and Caleb both scored in the 100 percentile in Science. To score in the 100 percentile is truly an incredible task.  In addition to these phenomenal accomplishments, several other students were in the 95 percentile or higher and deserve to be recognized:

• English — Jaclyn Davison and Mariah Robinson

• Math — Kyle Jeffres and Caleb Pachel

• Reading — Taylen Fornstrom

• Science — Taylen Fornstrom and Casey Kukowski

• Composite — Taylen Fornstrom, Kyle Jeffres, Casey Kukowski, and Caleb Pachel

Now that is just half the picture. Our students also did extremely well on the ACT PLAN test. When compared to students across the nation our students scored in the 67th percentile in English, 59th in Math, 59th in Reading, 72nd in Science and 65th for our composite. Once again as can be expected we had some students do exceptionally well and score in the 95th percentile or above:

• English — Scott Gross, Madison Heithoff and Hope Person

• Math — Madison Heithoff and Chris Kimzey

• Reading — Madison Heithoff and Hope Person

• Science — Madison Heithoff and Chris Kimzey

• Composite — Madison Heithoff and Chris Kimzey

We are extremely proud of all of these students. If you see them around be sure to give them a pat on the back. 

In order to further assist our students in preparation for these gatekeeper assessments and eventually the ACT, we are taking a very proactive approach. As you may recall last summer we sent Mrs. Rousseau, Ms. Roeder, and Mr. Walter to an intense two day workshop in order to learn strategies and techniques that will help our students prepare for this critical assessment. We felt the training was so beneficial that this year we are kicking it up a notch by sending Mr. Hellbaum, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Thomas, and Ms. Campbell. I must admit that by combining this training with the success that our students are already having provides me with a great deal of excitement about our future.

On a closing note for the class of 2013, all but three of our students are either going to postsecondary education or the military. Additionally eighteen of our graduates have indicated that they will be staying in Wyoming to attend college. All of us at PBHS want to congratulate them one more time, and wish them good luck in all their future endeavors.


I feel compelled to that thank everyone that has liked PBHS on Facebook. This has been a great way to get the word out about all the great things the students are doing. We have great students and it is nice to see all of your support. Now that Facebook is snowballing and having great success I am going to branch out to the Twitter universe. While some of the information will be similar. On Twitter, I will also share inspiration, noteworthy articles, quotes, and staff tweets. I am fairly new to this platform, so please bear with any hiccups. You can follow my random news and views at: @T_Sweeter 

This will be the last newsletter that the class of 2013 will receive; unless you have other students in the JH/HS. My August newsletter will include the new 7-12 graders. If you would like to remain on my list serve let me know and I will be sure to keep you on.


As always I hope you have found this informative and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Todd Sweeter

7-12 Principal

Pine Bluffs


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