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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Council shows appreciation


Charlene Smith

Councilman Mike Ragsdale stood in as mayor pro tem for the absent Bill Shain at Monday nights Pine Bluffs council meeting and began the meeting with a bit of thanks.

“Every community has its champions and we are blessed to have many,” town administrator Caryn Miller said. “But Nancy (Sundin) goes above and beyond for Pine Bluffs. Every day she is out there picking up trash, pulling weeds, and helping the day care, and she never ask for anything in return.”

Ragsdale commended Sundin on her efforts on behalf of the entire council and town. As everyone applauded Sundin and Ragsdale gave her the certificate of appreciation, she said “I can hang this in my window.” Sundin did ask if the town had a hand held sprayer that she could use for some of the weeds.

“Those goat heads are hard on the hands,” Sundin smiled. Ragsdale said if the town didn’t have one for her to use “they would get one for you.”

In the vein of thankfulness, Miller wanted to thank all the town employees for all their hard work over Trail Days.

“They are all great people,”Miller said.

Councilman Mark Fornstrom said he heard nothing but positive comments from everyone on City Park and other projects. Councilman Tom Mohren agreed and laughed, “And no one threw eggs at our float.”

Miller told the council the club responsible for the tractor pull gave each council a small gift for supporting the pull.

Sharon Fain from Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power announced that they would be installing new carpet at the senior center.

“Angie (Robertson) called and explained the carpet was pulling up around the walls and was becoming a safety hazard,” Fain said. “At CLFP, safety is important to us and we don’t want the seniors exposed to a possible accident that we can prevent.” CLFP will tear out the old carpet at the center Thursday and install the new carpet Friday.

In department reports, Miller explained Wyoming Department of Roads would be increasing their prices for signs on the interstate. The price for the RV park sign would increase from $100 per year to $200 per year with a $200 per year maintenance charge. Miller said there would be four meetings across the state discussing the changes.

Fornstrom commented that “no one reads those signs, they are too busy searching their GPS.” Mohren asked if all the signs were increasing at the same rate, such as Sinclair. Miller said they were but the town was only responsible for the RV park sign.

Fornstrom moved to not renew the agreement for the road sign with WyDot and Mohren seconded. Councilman Alan Curtis said he agreed the fee increase was out of line, but thought the council should wait to see what happens at the four meetings and write a letter explaining their discontent. Town attorney Alex Davison agreed, and offered to help Miller draft a letter.

Fornstrom amended his motion to writing a letter to WyDOT, and the motion passed.

During visitor comments, Don Eggli asked the council about spraying his property for bind weed. He said he “didn’t want to step on any toes,” but needed help getting rid of the weeds. Eggli said the letter stated he had to have something done by August 15 or the town would charge him.

Fornstrom explained it was a “blanket letter” and the council knew Eggli tried to take care of the noxious weeds and would work with him. He added Eggli should contact Laramie County Weed and Pest to help him spray.

Charlene Smith

In other business, the council approved five invoices for various projects and the contract with Merrill, Inc. for the water loop project.

There were seven building permits before the council for approval, and after a bit of discussion on zoning for trailer homes, all were approved.

The council also approved changes to the job descriptions of the town administrator and the senior administrative assistant and court clerk. Miller explained the separation of power for the court clerk and the police department these changes would provide and the council approved the description changes.

The council adjourned to executive session to discuss legal matters. The next meeting will be Monday, Aug. 19, at 7:30 p.m.


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