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By Cynthia Shroyer
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Burns keeping 4-way stop


Burns town council again debated the need for a four-way stop at the intersection of 4th and Main streets during Monday night’s regular meeting. Councilman Harvey Humphrey brought the issue up after residents asked for a new discussion on the topic.

“I’ve been approached since we have new council that people would like to see the four-way stop removed at 4th and Main street,” Humphrey said.

“I feel it’s a safety issue,” mayor Judy Johnstone said, referencing a need to leave the signs as they are.

“That’s my feeling as well with school buses coming through there,” councilman Ralph Bartels said.

Councilman Dennis Bastian noted there is “way less traffic” since the new highway opened “and we never had it before. The only plus I see is it does slow the trucks down a bit, but I feel is it is unnecessary.”

Councilman Charlie Vosler said he was in favor of leaving it for safety.

“I see no sense in it,” Humphrey said. “We haven’t had one for many, many years and I can’t remember any accidents. I feel the seniors that have lived here all their lives feel it isn’t an issue.”

Bastian added traffic does have to stop on the east and west and that should take care of any problems.

Sheriff’s office representative Bill Thomas said as far as law enforcement goes he didn’t think it matters either way.

“Both sides make sense,” Thomas said. “You will have trucks still come from Antelope. With reroute they come east/west rather than north/south. I don’t recall ever working an accident at that intersection. But I’m obviously in favor of keeping kids safe.”

Johnstone said her concern is that east/west traffic is now comfortable with those coming from the north or south stopping.

“I don’t want to be responsible for the first person to be hurt,” she added.

In a roll call vote, councilmen Humphrey and Bastian voted to do away with the signs, while Bartels and Vosler voted to keep them. With the tie, the mayor cast the deciding vote to keep the signs.

Thomas gave a report on work the sheriff’s department is doing in Burns. He said council may have noticed a lower bill for services recently.

“We lost some folks due to various reasons and it takes a long time to get replacements,” he said. “We haven’t done the blocks like we usually do, but we do patrol around on a regular basis.”

He added burglaries have gone down a bit and the department is making progress on solving some of them.

The ambulance supervisor was unable to attend due to being out on a call but reported to Johnstone that one EMT is gone from the service. They have received two applications for new people to join the squad. Both have the appropriate certifications. Council approved the recommendation for Jolene Hipkin and Kevin Hughes to join squad.

In her report to council, Johnstone said she had talked with county road supervisor Don Beard about renaming old state highway 213 from 4th Street to Highway 30 “South Main Street.” She said she will be getting the paperwork to do the name change. Council approved the change by consensus.

Johnstone announced Jessica Loyd has moved in and the daycare will be ready for fall.

The mayor also reported that she has spoken with Tom Johnson regarding an accessibility grant from Wyoming Business Council to upgrade the bathrooms at the Burns-Plex to be handicap accessible. There is a$308,000 price tag for the project. Johnstone was told in the past that the grant was for a maximum of $300,000, however that amount is now $500,000 now, with a deadline Jan. 1, 2014 to apply.

“I am very hopeful, and we might be able to do something with a second grant for the kitchen,” Johnstone said.

In old business council approved a motion to rebuild the ramps at the sheriff’s modular and build a new one at the old town hall. Heritage Building services will handle the work at the old town hall and the town maintenance crew will do the work at the sheriff’s modular.

Two resolutions were also approved Monday. Res. 08-12-13 is a budget amendment for unanticipated income of $20,000 and unanticipated expenditure of $6,956.34 in fiscal year 2012/2013.

Res. 08-12-13A Level III Project agreement is for the Level III water project step one accepting the fact that the town is asking the Wyoming Water Development Commission for funds in the form of a loan and grants to do the project. The project will include bringing the test well online, and to put in a pump and transmission lines for all wells.

The next Burns Town Council meeting is slated for Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Burns-Plex.


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