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Transparency from police department


Charlene Smith

Pine Bluffs police chief Robin Clark welcomed close to 20 active business owners and community members to a networking event at the Historic High School in Pine Bluffs Thursday evening.

“This is the first time I believe the police department has networked with the community, but I hope it turns into a yearly event,” said Clark.

Clark explained she would like the participants to complete a needs assessment at the end of the evening so she could guide her staff to areas that need attention. She added it would also be nice to see how the department had been doing and if all the community questions had been answered.

Clark began her presentation with a clip from The Andy Griffith Show saying she wanted her department to have a presence in the community and be “ethical.”

“If you don’t believe the department is ethical, you won’t call us,” Clark explained. “Public service impressions have changed since 9/11. Police departments have gone from less ‘policing’ to more community service.”

Clark said she took the job in Pine Bluffs and wants the community to be better because she “cares.” She said she doesn’t mow her neighbors lawn to “get in the paper.” She mows it because he can’t and she cares about him.

Clark said she worked for the community, although she was employed by the mayor and the council. And there is plenty of work to be done. Clark reported 10,201 calls received since she began working in Pine Bluffs in August 2012.

“That is an average of 850 calls per month,” explained Clark. She added the calls they do on their own, such as business checks or routine stops are not included in that list.

From calls to the dispatch, Clark told the participants, “It doesn’t matter who dispatches me, I will still show up.” She explained about an incident in Pine Bluffs that happened over the past weekend and it took the sheriffs office 45 minutes to show up.

“That is not good,” Clark said. “When you have someone in your yard threatening your home and family that might pose a threat to you, help needs to get there soon.”

Clark said the mistake was noted and the communications center and all the agencies covering Pine Bluffs now know to call the local department for assistance when they cannot respond in an expedient manner.

Clark informed the audience that the agreement to transfer Pine Bluffs dispatch to Cheyenne was being worked on, and the attorneys were “pounding out what is right and legal.”

Clark passed out a business listing sheet for everyone to fill out or correct. She said the information would help the department when protecting the community.

Clark also gave out all the numbers for the police department and the staffs working cell phones. She added there were times when community members would like to get in touch with the department for non emergent needs. And sometimes, a community member would need to call 911. Clark said a phone was being installed in the entryway of the police department that would dial 911 as soon as it’s picked up. She added the department would be keeping one of the dispatchers on as a records clerk and she would be at the department from 4 to 9 p.m. each night.

Clark was pleased with the evening. She said the survey was very positive and provided good information from the business owner/community member perspective. Clark said she would do a follow-up meeting in six months.

Numbers for you to know

307-245-3192 Will go directly to an on-call police officer in town

307-245-7777 (For non-emergent calls, use for other needs that don't require immediate assistance.)

307-245-3746 administration number ( this number has a voicemail attached.)

Cell phones for officers

307-701-4248 Chief Robin Clark

307-701-4249 Officer Char Madden

307-701-4250 Officer Robert Armstrong

Charlene Smith


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