By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Digging to the core of education

A series on the Wyoming Content; Performance Standards


Charlene Smith

The Health and P.E. Subject Area Committee at work on the standards and bringing them to their classrooms. Members from all LCSD 2 schools are represented on the committees for each subject area.

Imagine your child's education is held in a sheet of paper. Now, imagine every child has to accept this piece of paper in order to receive their education.

How would you make it unique for each student? How could you deliver the information? Is there any way you can change it without altering it from its original form.

Imagine now, a paper plane floating through the air to a student who learns by seeing. Imagine a paper boat being blown across a table by a student who learns by doing. And imagine that same piece of paper or education standard falling as gentle as snow flakes on a students...

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