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Happy Days of Christmas! There is something especially crisp and sparkly during this time of year. And no, it's not the snow left in your boots from being outside. The warmth of the season and the joy in everyone's hearts will melt any grinch mood or the snow that sneaks in.

Speaking of warm hearts, we have a few birthdays and anniversaries coming up. Carol Sorensen will celebrate her birthday Dec. 25 and Kelton Krakow will turn 9 on Dec. 30.

Albin does a marriage well as Larry and Karen Sorensen have been married 40 years on Dec. 26. Tony and Michelle Childres celebrated their 20th anniversary Dec. 11. And Mayor Kelly and Renee Krakow celebrate their many years together Dec. 27. Happy celebrations, everyone!

Speaking of celebrating, the Albin Baptist Church is bringing in the season with Bethlehem Morning: A Christmas Celebration. There will be a soup supper to follow and the program and dinner is free. So, come one, come all to this festive and moving program.

The Smith family was visited by three spirits this past week. No, no chains and awful future sights did these spirits bring. But rather, gifts of the season and the true meaning behind Christmas that we all should carry with us every day.

A returning spirit was the first to visit. Thank you to whoever was watching out in the streets of Pine Bluffs after the Christmas at Home parade and found my camera bag.

The next spirit came twice, the giving spirit. Thank you to Ivan and Kim Kranz for the amazing "Pay it Forward" gift. We are always so humbled when someone comes to us and helps us make it through one more day. Everyone needs a nudge to get through the rough spots sometimes, and the Kranz are letting us use their van free of charge until the rough spots become smooth.

Thank you to the Pine Bluffs library staff for drawing Arin's name for the gift basket. We already enjoyed the popcorn and Arin lit her candle and put it in her room.

Finally, a visit from the kind and caring spirit. Thank you for plowing my driveway.

For these and all the other spirits of the season, especially the Holy one, we are thankful and blessed this season and every season.

Congratulations to Elijah Childres. He competed with three other members of the Burns choir at the Wyoming All-State competition at Cheyenne East and was selected as a member. Dylan Kelly was also selected from Burns. Way to raise the roof with your voice, Eli. Keep it up!

The community center will close for Christmas Dec. 24 – 26. They will be open Dec. 23 and 27. For New Year's Day, the center will close again so the staff of our fabulous center and town can enjoy the blessings of the season and celebrate the new year without worrying about the next morning.


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