Post Editorial: Post Editorial: Christmas concerts fun and important for education


The amount of energy and creativity that goes into the multiple school Christmas concerts and plays does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The number of people who attend these school-sponsored events is proof of that.

But these concerts are not only entertaining for our communities, they also help students learn and develop.

The programs encourage our students to be creative, and even help them to think critically. Most importantly, these concerts help pull students out of their comfort zones, an important part of any child’s development.

Continued support of these programs, as well as other school-sponsored events, is important. When students see parents, friends and others in the audience as they are performing, and trying their best, it encourages that student to push further. Community involvement also offers positive reinforcement to those students who bravely speak or perform in front of large numbers, which can be scary for some.

The Pine Bluffs Post Staff would like to thank the teachers, parents and students who make these Christmas concerts and other school events possible.


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