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Student of the week: Kaeden Gebauer


Charlene Smith

Kaeden Gebauer, son of Kurtis and Ann Gebauer, is very proud to be in the Tanya Wahlert's first grade class at Pawnee Schools. He is a student who is proud of his work and proud of his school.

In art, he is making snow men and cups. Kaeden enjoys working with the clay and coloring it. He says he named the snowman "Frosty," because that was the best name for a snowman.

Kaeden not only enjoys the creative side of school, but also the structured learning.

"I like Math," Kaeden said. "I like figuring stuff out." Math may keep his mind calculating, but writing is where he gets to tell stories.

"I am a pretty good writer," grinned Kaeden.

Kaeden stays healthy and fit with his physical education class and confidently revealed that he can do 12 push-ups and 12 pull-ups.

When Kaeden starts his day at Pawnee School and gets off the bus, he is excited to be there and ready to learn. His favorite part of the day is saying hello to school secretary Andrea Boydston. Then it is off to a world that holds great potential for learning and growth. And Kaeden feels right at home in that world.

For showing us that first graders can be an all-around student without giving up their youthful innocence and enthusiasm, Kaeden was selected as the student of the week.


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