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Looking Back


100 years ago

A pertinent instance of the habit of the American press as at present conducted to conceal, distort and pervert news unpalatable to is powerful constituents is offered by its treatment of the facts about the income tax. That in a nation of so-called prosperity and of 100,000,000 people only 425,000 (or one person in 235) have incomes of $3,000 or more is not exactly what might be expected, but it is nothing compared with the real state of things disclosed by the inquiry. It appears that there are in the United States 38,240,000 persons in receipt of incomes of any kind, whether as wages, salaries, profits from business, investments or aught else.

At a meeting of the stockholders of the Pine Bluffs State Bank held last week the capital stock of that institution was raised from $10,000 to $25,000.

There is a rumor afloat that Pine Bluffs is to have a $10,000 hotel building. Hope ‘tis true.

C.E. Carlstrum is among the visitors at the stock show in Denver this week.

75 years ago

Electricity, that great boon to mankind, seems to be almost within reach for many hundreds of users on farms and ranches of this section which includes farms in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska, within the next few months. Should the application of the Rural Electric company which was sent to Washington about two weeks ago receive favorable action, and there appears every likelihood of it at this time, this part of the county will be one of the larger users of current from the Seminoe dam project near Rawlins.

The undefeated Hillsdale basketball five will meet the Pine Bluffs Hornets on the local floor tomorrow night. Pine Bluffs is in second place in the conference and their only loss this season was at Hillsdale when the were downed 31-18. Reserves of both games will play the preliminary game.

E.G. Sanders was admitted to Memorial hospital in Cheyenne Friday as a medical patient.

One of the largest business transactions in Pine Bluffs in several months was made yesterday when Theodore Jamison became the owner of the Standard Bar and Hotel and the Pastime Theatre. C.M. Enloe sold the three enterprises just five years to the day after he purchased them from Messrs. Gertz and Cohen. Jamison has operated the Jamison bar here for several years and has confidence enough in the future of this city that he is willing to expand into the hotel and theatre business here.

50 years ago

Bob Lyons, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Lyons, is reported in satisfactory condition at the Kimball hospital, where he was taken by ambulance Wednesday forenoon after falling 25 feet from an electric line pole northeast of Kimball. Young Lyons, who is employed by the Hamlin Electric company, landed on his back and though there were no broken bones, he was badly bruised.

Dr. James E. Stoetzel of Pine Bluffs was one of 295 physicians who attended a week-long general practice review at the University of Colorado medical center at Denver to bring himself up to date on the latest developments in six major fields of medicine.

25 years ago

Until a copy of the Pine Bluffs Echo of July 5, 1888, was found among the possessions of the late Elvah Clarke Carlstrum a few years ago, it was assumed that the first newspaper in this community was the Pine Bluffs Post, established in April, 1908, by Fred Mathias, Kimball, also publisher of a newspaper there. There are no records of the Echo in the Historical and Archives Division of Cheyenne, and no other copies are in private collections as far as known, although almost complete copies of the Pine Bluffs Post are on microfilm records at the Pine Bluffs Library and at the archives in Cheyenne.

The hottest new thing around this school year is the District Faculty Baby Contest. Burns High School has a commanding lead over its opponents. The winning team is made up by Rich Steege, Nancy Lang, Randy Larson, and Mark Holton. These proud new parents gave their all to crush the competition. The cuddly little critters that deserve the most attention, however, are the bouncing baby boys. Each gave a hand in pulling the team through when the going got tough. The boom is over now, but there is always next year.

10 years ago

“This building was a jewel, a half century ago, but not today, to envision it as such is to only live in the past and not face ones future,” Marty Gocken. The Pine Bluffs Town Council met with Marty Gocken in a special hearing Monday night. Pine Bluffs Mayor Leonard Anderson told Gocken the council was concerned with the time frame for clean-up. “As for a rebuilding plan: I believe three exist. One, to build one building on the entire lot approximately 120 feet by 125 fee at a cost of $187,000. Two, fill in the hole and build on the south two lots. Three, fill in the hole and do nothing. Any and all of this depends on the cooperation of others as to success or failure,” said Gocken.

Gary and Lorraine Smith of Carpenter gathered with friends and family New Year’s Eve at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Laramie to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Gary and Lorraine were married Dec. 31, 1978 at the Methodist Church in Carpenter. Many guests braved the16 inches of snow and minus 16 degree temperatures to attend the wedding.


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