By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Broncs finish 3-game week with a win


Charlene Smith

Taylor Kirkbride pushes the ball in to the hoop against the Mitchell Tigers. Burns lost but was able to gain experience.

Most basketball teams train in endurance. Along side the drills and running plays, players run to stay in shape and build endurance for one game. Burns training led them to endure three games in one week and end with added experience and a win.

Coach Sean Patterson said even though the Mitchell game didn't mean anything for the conference rating, he still wanted a win.

"We did not rotate well enough defensively in the first quarter and they made us pay" Patterson said. "We did a much better job in the second quarter and were able to get ourselves back into the game going into half."

However, it wasn't enough to overcome the rush the Tigers put up in the third, losing 56-37. Patterson was happy with the experience the Broncs gained in the game.

The Broncs then traveled to Lusk Friday evening, and started strong defensively.

"We had some great defensive effort in the first half against Lusk," Patterson said. "We did a nice job of taking care of the ball and slowing them down."

Turnovers in the second half and lack of offensive execution led to a loss, 52-43.

But the week of games wasn't over yet as Burns readied for Wright at home. Patterson was very proud of the effort the team gave after the long and disappointing week.

"After a tough loss and very late night we came out ready to compete and took care of business early," Patterson said. "We did an amazing job defensively in the first quarter. It was good to finish the week with a big win."

By sharing the ball and controlling the glass, Burns downed Wright 51-32.

The Burns JV team went 3-0 on the week and now enjoy a 8-3 record. The Freshmen/Sophomore team also picked up a big win against Lusk after falling to Pine Bluffs last Monday.

Next up on the improving 8-4 Burns is Pine Bluffs at home Friday night.

Mitchell Game Stats

Travis Romsa 4/8 for field goals, 7/10 from the line scoring 15 points with 8 rebounds

Taylor Kirkbride 3/6 for field goals, 1/5 from the line scoring 7 points with 3 rebounds

Riley Petsch 1/3 for field goals, 3/3 from the line scoring 5 points with 1 rebound

Lusk Game Stats

Mikky Heward 4/6 for field goals, scoring 8 points with 6 rebounds

Cody Leader 1 /4 for field goals with 1 3-pointer, 3 /4 from the line scoring 6 points with 3 rebounds

Wyatt Berg 2/4 for field goals with 6 rebounds

Wright Game Stats

Romsa 5/7 for field goals scoring 10 points with 8 rebounds

Preston Goehring 3/8 for field goals scoring 6 points with 4 rebounds

Berg 3/ 4 for field goals scoring 6 points

Charlene Smith


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