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Sheriff's Department warns of new phone scam: Sheriff's Department warning about a phone scam using arrest threats about missing jury duty


The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department has been made aware of another phone scam that is using threats of arrest if individuals do not “pay a fine and fees” for missing jury duty.

The Sheriff’s Department and Clerk of the District Court’s Office have received reports from citizens who had a call from an individual claiming that the victim missed jury duty and must pay a fine and fees otherwise a warrant would be issued and they would be arrested. The person is told to get a “Green Dot” payment at a chain convenience store (one not located in this area), or at a Family Dollar Store and immediately set up the payment code.

The phone number that may show up may be a “cloned” local cell phone number and the person may identify themselves as a law enforcement officer from a local law enforcement agency. Callers have stated they were either from the Sheriff’s Department or Cheyenne Police. When challenged the individuals have been hanging up.

Anyone receiving a call like this should not agree to pay any fine. If there are any questions about jury duty and/or jury duty procedures, call the, Clerk of the District Courts Office at (307) 633-4270.

Also, The Sheriff’s Department is advising anyone who may receive a call similar to this or regarding a warrant can contact the Warrants Division (307- 633-4732) to verify any questions about validity of a warrant.

Additionally, you can also contact the Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Protection Division – to report any calls like this as well as the Sheriff’s Department at (307) 633-4700.


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