By Zachary Laux
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Telephone scams on rise in Pine Bluffs


The Pine Bluffs Police Department reported at least eight telephone scams

within the last year, with four occurring last week.

Police Chief Don Taylor said the scammers call with the names of family

members, claiming those relatives are in trouble and need money. The scammers

then provide instructions to wire money.

Taylor urges residents not to give information to cold callers, and not to wire money to

strangers asking for the transaction over the phone.

Pine Bluffs resident Claire “Bonnie” Paniagua said she received at least two calls

within a six-week period.

In the first call, the scammer said her grandson, Alex Romig, was involved in a drug

bust in Mexico City.

“They told me the cops caught him and one other guy, and told me I needed to send

$1,900 to Haiti,” Paniagua said. “It scared me to death.”

Paniagua said she later discovered Romig was not in Mexico City, but was

working. After the discovery, Paniagua declined to wire the money.

“I would have sent it if I thought it really was Alex,” she said.

Paniagua got a similar call on Friday, but Paniagua questioned the

scammer this time. The scammer soon ended the call.

Taylor said other law enforcement agencies across the state are getting

complaints about similar phone calls, indicating the scam is statewide.


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