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Summer Break has arrived! One of my favorite treats in the summer is ice cream, especially home made! June 2 is National Rocky Road Day and it’s all about eating ice cream, specifically Rocky Road ice cream.

Want to make your own Rocky Road Ice Cream? Just add nuts (almonds and/or pecans), mini marshmallows, and chunks of semisweet chocolate to your favorite ice cream recipe. Today would be the perfect day to make, and certainly eat, a batch of Rocky Road ice cream.

If you aren’t into making ice cream, visit your favorite ice cream store for a cone and order a large one today.

We’ve begun Summer Reading Celebration. Sign up to read and earn prizes!

Grades PreK- five, come join us at the Burns Branch Library. Be creative! 10 a.m. June 3 we’ll be making Salt Art. We’ll give you the glue, salt and food coloring and you’ll be the artist.

Every Friday in June at 1 p.m. we will be showing family movies. On Friday June 6 we will be watching “Meet the Robinson’s,” a thrilling adventure that takes you to a whole new world full of imagination and surprises. Rated G. See you at the library!

Please feel free to call, 547-2249; e-mail, burns@LCLSonline.org or just stop by with your news and information.


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