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Ron Kailey (D)

Laramie County Commissioner


Place of residence: Cheyenne

Other elected offices held: None

Qualifications for office you are seeking: Lived in Laramie County 52 years 5 Generation Family of Laramie County. Understands the workers and management of community position. As a Water Lab Supervisor for the BOPU for 35 years and working my way up that chain. Lived in both rural Laramie County and in the City limits of Cheyenne.Understand the needs of a Business owner. I have owned several successful and a few non successful businesses in Laramie county. Including the Cheyenne Grizzlies and Tribal Software Inc. Scientific back ground: Extremely knowledgeable in water issues from TCE contamination to Fracking, Worked with government agencies like EPA and DEQ, from Grants to compliance. I have developed great relationships with City, State and the Federal government through my years at the BOPU. Educated in Laramie County: High School Diploma, Engineering certificate, AS to a BBA was attended in Laramie County. I am not afraid to use the office to attract new businesses and ask the private sector for help as our community develops

Why are you seeking this office?

I feel I can make a difference and help lead our county into the future. With my science background and my knowledge of Water/Wastewater, this commission needs someone who knows first hand about that science. We now face water related issues, environmental concerns, and impacts from those industries.

With my business background I understand what business owners need and those challenges in bringing business to our community.

I have worked with many charitable organizations through the Grizzlies and understand the needs and the valuable resource they are to our community.

I am very familiar with agencies that can help us, from Mayor Kaysen to Governor Mead, the next commissioners must be able to work with all individuals but must also ask for help.

In the future I would like to see the county commissioners represented by districts; it is important to have someone from every area of the county and understands their issues. I also think the County Commissioner race should be non-partisan. The decisions being made at that level have nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. I’m a Democrat but I also a member of the NRA, believe in a “right-to-work” state and come from a family whose mother was a Republican and father a Democrat…. The best of both worlds.

What would you make a priority, or what goal would you set, if elected?

My first priority is to start looking into making the county government more profitable and efficient.

That might entail sitting down with managers and find out ow they would improve their own areas, what they need and why. Where can we add profit to the community? How do we get the big users of our roads to start paying for those roads etc. What do we need to protect our water in the community, etc., etc.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the winner of this race?

This person must be able to work with the local governments like the City of Cheyenne, Carpenter, Pine Bluffs and Burns, State and the Federal Government. They must be willing to setup appointments with future and existing businesses and ask that private community to help make Laramie County a better county.

They must understand the environmental effects that we face. Knowledge of water, wastewater, and the energy sector. How any decisions in those areas will affect our community for the next 50 years.

They can’t just be a NO voter on everything related to community growth. They must give their employees the tools to do the job, pay a good wage, but also balance the budget.


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