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Have you ever watched one of those scary movies where the bad guy sneaks into a house? The homeowners hear the floorboards squeak. Something goes bump as the intruder runs into furniture? And the homeowners find something ugly in their home.

I have snuck into my mom’s house after curfew a few times, but that is another story. Fortunately she didn’t meet me with a ball bat. This weekend the Smith house had an intruder of the sweetest kind. My oldest son, Norman, surprised us with a visit. The heart beat a little faster in the early hours when the door opened and the hardwood squeaked. But after the brown and gold lab welcoming committee okayed the intruder, I knew it had to be a friendly face. The unannounced visits are often the sweetest.

The Albin Wildcats had a pretty sweet visit of their own. Three out of the four Wildcat basketball teams won against Carpenter at home Saturday. They had a busy basketball week following up the home win with games on Monday, Thursday, and again next Monday. Remember there are concessions at all the home games. Go to watch the games, stay to eat. Go Wildcats!

Senator Enzi’s representatives will be in Albin at the community center Thursday, Feb. 12 from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

I didn’t take the time to call Representative John Eklund to get an update from the session. He is always happy to hear from you and is good about listening to your concerns. Give him a call or stop by the Capitol.

The American Legion Women’s Auxiliary met on Wednesday, Jan. 14. Members present were Mary Kay Romsa, Ted Anderson, Barn McDermott, Kathy Olson and Sheri Sorensen. Business and visiting were accomplished over coffee and pumpkin bread. If you are a female descendant of a US War Veteran and would like information or to join our group, please contact any member.

I received a nice phone call from Charles and Viola Persons this week. Unfortunately it wasn’t for the nicest news. Their son, John, who grew up here and has many friends in the area, is sick. He has Stage IV throat cancer. As of this week, he is in his third of seven weeks of chemo and radiation. Viola said he has to sit still for the chemo for four hours at a time. John likes to read and it would be nice if we could shower him with some cards of encouragement from home. His address is: John Person, 8819 Gramel St., Norfolk, VA 23503.

As you may know, Charles and Viola moved down to Colorado a while back. They keep up with all of us here in Albin by reading the paper and the Albin news. Another nudge for you to send me any announcements or family news that you may have. We would really like to share it with you.


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