Shopping carts lead to interesting conversation


I like to play with people by approaching strangers and making a comment to them which they are not expecting, and then waiting for their reaction. Often I do this in a grocery store where I see a gentleman pushing the cart while the lady is out grazing or gathering items. Many times a lady's purse is in the child seat of the cart.

I start by walking up to the gentleman and say to him, “I like your purse.” Usually the lady, who is nearby, will start laughing, and the guy will realize it is a joke. Here are some of the reactions I have gotten.

-“Why thank you. It matches my shoes.”

-One man said,”Thank you. It matches my eyes.” He then looked down and noticed the brown purse and said, “But my eyes are blue.” His wife added,”You just grabbed the wrong purse today, honey.”

-Another man looked at me and turned to his wife and said,”I told you, you have to watch out for those guys.”

-One man was standing by the cart with the purse in front of the ladies rest room. When I commented on 'his' purse, he looked at me and said,”Don't you think that I am waiting for my wife?” I said,”I absolutely know you are, or I wouldn't have said anything.” He then realized it was a joke and laughed. Later I saw the couple in another part of the store, and he said to his wife,”There's the purse guy.” I turned to him and said,”You are the one with the purse.” The lady laughed this time.

I once commented on the purse in a cart pushed by a tough 'gang banger' looking guy. You could see by the look on his face that he was not sure how to react to an old geezer like me. Fortunately, his wife was right behind him, and she started laughing and then he laughed also.

I have learned to be sure the lady is nearby and can hear the comment. They always laugh. This helps to ease any tension with the guy. I always follow up with a little pleasant conversation with the couple.


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