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ome prayers were answered, we have had rain for four days straight. Puddles everywhere, stuck vehicles, wet dogs and muddy floors. Trees and fields, lawns and flowers all looking so much brighter. The dust has finally settled and allergies have backed off. We have mowed the lawn twice and when it dries up we will give it another go.

We are happy to say that friends and neighbors, Ruth Brown, Maxine Brown, and baby Cady McGowan are all feeling better and on the mend. We are sorry to say that Dorthy Huffman has taken a spill and will be spending some time recovering. I am sure she would appreciate your cards and letters. Her address is Tabitha Health Care Services, 4720 Randolph Street #131, Lincoln, Ne. 68510.

Celebrating birthdays this week are: Twila Griffiths, Kurt Baker, Joe Cross, Crissy Olsen, Rachel Parker, Leigh McGowan, Charline Brown, Brad Cross, Ryan May, Chet Cochran, Casey Adrain and Gregg Wurdeman. Happy Birthday!We now have two teens in the house.

Anniversary congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Trey Mosby and Ron Bolin.

Banner County elementary students have had a few field trips and those continue. Testing is also continuing; I looked on the school calendar and the final test day is scheduled for six days before the last day of school. However, we ain't quite done yet. The high school track team will compete in MAC at Bayard on Saturday, May 2, beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 5, will be a 9 a.m. late start for students as the teaching staff is served breakfast for Teacher Appreciation Day. Also, on the 5th the Spring Concert will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the gym. Grades Pre K - 12 will perform with instructor Mrs. Sandy Wounded Arrow. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Following this on Wednesday morning the junior high track team will head off to Leyton for track competition for the Chappell Invite. No time available for this one so for more information please call the school at 436-5262. We are wishing you fun, good luck and safe travel for all of you.

This is just a heads up as next Friday, May 7, is Farm Safety Day at Banner County School. Kids learn all types of safety on this day, and they do not have to live on a farm to implement many of the safety tips reinforced on that day.

The Central Banner 4-H Club held their meeting last Sunday with 15 members attending. Items discussed included Quality Assurance Training Requirements, weigh-ins, summer programs, and Historical Day.

Here is a reminder that the Kimball Community Association will present Rebecca & Kuba Six Appeal on Friday evening May 1. The concert will be held at the Kimball High School and will begin at 7:30 p.m. If you need more information please call 235-2715.

Well for a little bit of nonsense before I go. I don't think I mentioned this, but maybe I did. About three weeks ago, on that one really nice Saturday Rod, the kids and I were doing some clean-up around here. He was really cracking the whip, if you know what I mean. Finally we took a break and were sitting in the shop having something cold to drink when Spike, our half-Beagle half-something came running in with some treasure in his mouth. All I could see was grey hanging out of each side of his mouth. I thought mouse, and jumped up ready to run. Then the treasure started to squeal, and I knew it was a baby rabbit. At this point I figured Spike was going to have a snack right in front of us and I for one wasn't ready for that. I jumped up and headed in the opposite direction. The kids however, cornered Spike and made him release his hold on the treasure. His name is Hugo and he currently lives in a clear storage tub on my chest freezer. He drinks a lot of milk and has a gutless, but soft, stuffed duck for a roommate. The little squirt also has one of my laundry baskets over the top of the tub because even at this young age he can jump pretty high. Just one more thing. We are calling him Hugo because we assume he is a boy. I do not know why. We do have a turkey named Jeffery because we assumed the same thing. However, last summer Jeffery began sitting on some duck eggs and ended up hatching three ducklings. Life is never boring around our house that is for sure. Well that is all for now, call me any time at 436-7152, 641-1335, or write to Please have a great week and take care until next time. Barb Cross (Mrs. Rod)


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