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Sunday evening was ushered in with a crack of lightening, and buckets of rain fell all around Albin. The rain will end one day soon. While the hoses and sprinklers are turned off, the snakes seem to be coming out to act like hoses and scatter all over like water from our sprinklers. There were four black little fellas spotted in the Smith back yard. One was so bold as to curl up on the front door stoop. Needless to say, no Smiths ventured out the front door that day.

A good excuse to go out your front door is an Albin Wildcat baseball game. The Wildcats were in action in Burns Monday night. Every team from the Pee Wee’s to the Little Leaguers played. No word on the final scores, however, everyone had a good time. Thursday evening, tonight, the teams come home to play. First pitch at 5 p.m. Remember to stop by the concession stand for a snack.

Twenty-nine years ago, many of you shared a snack after the wedding of Lefty and Chris LeMaster. What a wonderful example of love and friendship those two show us. Happy Anniversary, Lefty and Chris.

Not only is Chris celebrating her anniversary, but her birthday is June 24. Maybe one of us should send a cake over?

Our good friend Jillian McLaughlin will be blowing out some candles June 24 as well. She makes so many cakes for other people, perhaps the boys will mix up a cowboy concoction for her.

The Albin Day Committee met again Tuesday. Last week they decided on a few things for this year’s event. The theme for the parade is American Pride. The Grand Marshalls are Howard and Mary Kay Romsa. Similar events to years past will be on tap for the day including the softball tournament, the parade, dinner and show and street dance. More details will come out of the meeting this week. If you would like to register for the parade or just need more information, call the community center.

Fathers everywhere will be honored Sunday with ties, lawn and power tools, and time off to golf and fish. There are many fathers in Albin that keep the Smiths under their watchful care and concern even though no blood or marriage relates them to us. They just go about their day and consider us family. To them and all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day. Take a little advice from one whose father is no longer at the end of the phone line or in a place that we can visit for the day. Take the time and extra mile to be with the man that took care of you and considers you their biggest success. Your time is the best and biggest gift you can give him.


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