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The funny thing about sunflowers? They don’t care if our summer has been less than bright. They don’t care if we have been smiling since last time they were here. They come and shine and brighten our world, no questions asked. And no expectations.

Would it not be pleasant if more humans were like sunflowers. Expecting nothing in return and always greeting whoever passes their way with a smile and sunshine no matter who you are or what you can give them.

Little kids are often sunflowers in our world. Soon, they will be growing their education a bit more. School starts for LCSD No.2 Monday, August 24. Back to school fair for Albin will be held tonight, Thursday, Aug. 20, from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Happy couples are also kind of like sunflowers. They just can’t help but spread their love to others. And in turn build stronger communities through their marriage. Happy Anniversary to Jason and Jillian McLauglin, Aug. 23. They have been a huge sunflower to the Smith family. Everything from a care basket for Derik’s big surgery, to rescuing the family from a flat tire with a van full of groceries, to egg and cheese sandwiches and a few laughs when the days just get too gloomy.

Michael and Diane Lerwick celebrated their special day Sunday, Aug. 16. It would be a good bet they had lots of cooks in the kitchen cooking up a special breakfast.

Looking at the other side of a cake full of candles will be David Romsa on Aug. 30. He might not have a forest fire on top of the sweet treat, but he has seen a few sunflower harvestS go by.

The community center, lunch program and town hall will be closed Monday, Sept. 7, for Labor Day.

You never know how your news or special event will brighten someone else’s day until you share it. It is better to be a big bright sunflower than a shrinking violet. Let the world see you shine. Plant a little happiness. Call the town hall before 5 p.m. each Monday and we can all harvest a few smiles.


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