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From the Kitchen of Crabbie Abner

Holiday Delights


Wow! What a Thanksgiving. Hope everyone gobbled till they wobbled. I had a quiet day, being a bachelor crab, but still managed to roast a turkey and cook all of the traditional side dishes I remembered from my childhood, while getting my fill of holiday movies on television.

I only ate one meal Thanksgiving Day, since it was also a tradition in my family to more or less fast until the big meal was put on the table. Afterward, we were too stuffed to even think about having another meal later in the day.

Anyway, also as per tradition, I spent part of my day on Black Friday making sausage balls, and while doing so I realized that I had made a mistake when preparing my recipe for last week’s paper. Instead of just one cup of baking mix, incorporate two cups, or as much of the two cups as possible. Otherwise, the ratio of ground sausage and cheese to baking mix is too high, and your sausage balls will end up up little tiny balls swimming in a puddle of grease from the meat and cheese.

I had run out of baking mix, but had a generic brand of complete pancake mix on hand, so I used that instead. The pancake mix contains sugar, which the baking mix doesn’t, so it imparted a slightly sweet flavor to the sausage balls. They turned out ok, but I would have preferred them without the sweetness. I don’t particularly like combining sweet and savory flavors, but if it appeals to you, then by all means go ahead and give it a whirl. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the sausage balls, since they are a great, quick breakfast.

This week, I am going to share with you a recipe for another treat that I reserve for Christmas, although these can be made throughout the year; and if you decide to make and freeze them until it’s time to be served, watch out. They can be quite potent. You see, they contain rum, but not a large amount. However, rum, like green chili, becomes stronger and more potent when placed in cold storage.

Despite the fact that the recipe only calls for a small amount of the spirit, its wow factor increases exponentially when frozen over a period of time. I know because I made that mistake – well not a mistake really – you just need to be careful when serving them. You’ve heard of drinking responsibly; in this case it’s eat responsibly. However, if after making them, you just set them aside to ‘cure’ for about a week, they will make a great treat at an adult Christmas celebration.

I’ve given these away as gifts to people I know who have enjoyed having a cocktail or two in the evening, and they were always appreciated.

Old Fashioned Rum Balls

1 Cup Vanilla Wafers, crushed

1 Cup Pecans, pieces or crushed

1/4 Cup Honey

1/4 Cup Rum, light or dark

Powdered Sugar

Crush the vanilla wafers, using either a food processor, or putting them into a sealed plastic bag and using a rolling pin to crush finely until there are no chunks or lumps.

Place in a large bowl and add pecans, rum and honey.

Form into small balls and roll in powdered sugar.

Store in a tightly sealed container, or freeze them.


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