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100 Years Ago

December 9, 1915

Keep them local

Farmers State Bank has been made depository for county and state funds, so by paying your taxes through it the money will be loaned out here instead of being deposited in Cheyenne.


Arrangements have been made with the county treasurer to receive taxes at the Farmers State Bank.


T. E. Robinson made another business trip to his old home in Nebraska Friday to dispose of his personal property there.


Frank Thompson has a new Ford car.


J. L. Delong and W. A Bartell sold Mr. Gartney a new Ford Saturday.


B. A. Divelbless of Missouri Valley, Iowa, came in on No. 3 Wednesday to look after his farm 4 mi. southwest of town. He is another strong booster for Wyoming, and although he has interests back home, he thinks this country is a better place for a poor man than Iowa.

75 Years Ago

December 5, 1940

Local Businesses Change Hands in Deal Last Night

Charles Stephens, manager of the Stephens Dairy here for the past two and one-half years was reported last night to have sold his business to Art Mortensen, who lives just east of town, and in a second deal purchased the Club Billiard Parlor from Al Foster and Marvin Kieler.

Stephens was to take over management of the pool hall this morning and the dairy will remain in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Stephens until the first of the year at which time the dairy is to be moved from its present location four and one-half miles southwest of town to the Mortensen farm just east of the city.


Returns to Naval Duty

Bud Lee, who has been visiting his mother, Mrs. E. H. Slingerland, and other relatives here for the past few weeks while on leave from the Navy, left Tuesday for Long Beach, Cal., where he will report for duty on the U.S.S. Saratoga.


Over 2,000 Books Available

Elizabeth Hammons, librarian, reports that the Albin branch library now has over 2,000 books available for checking out to the public. More new books received this week included four for first grade; 10 for second grade; five for third grade; five for fourth grade; seven for fifth grade; four for sixth grade; and 13 for junior high students.

50 Years Ago

December 10, 1965

Over $33 Million in First Payment on Sugar Beets

The Great Western Sugar company will pay beet growers $2,630,800 Dec. 9 for beets delivered after Nov. 4 in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana. Frank A. Kemp, president, said that on receipt of this payment, growers will have received $33,690,700 as first payment on their 1965 crop.


Sunday Dinners

Dinner guests at the Martin Soto home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ornelas and family of Pine Bluffs.

Mrs. Althea Dunbar and family of Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hardy and family and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Miller of Greeley were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. June Brammeier and family.

Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Shepard and family were dinner guests Sunday at the Frank Lang home.


Highway 80 Causes Move

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gronewold and girls have moved into their newly remodeled home at 402 W. 8th Street. The Gronewold home was moved to the new location from West 9th Street in preparation for the new interstate highway 80.


Young Goose Hunters

Glenn Smith took his grandsons Donnie and Rickie Smith goose hunting Saturday. Results: Grandsons killed the geese, but they did let Glenn carry them home and even let him have one, according to Al Moore.


89 and counting

Mrs. Anna Johnson celebrated her 89th birthday Monday at a coffee at her home. Her guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Anderson and boys, Mrs. Russell Kohler, Mrs. Ethel Ball, Mrs. Ray Moore, Mrs. Jim Powers. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Mueller and John Bresnahan of Hillsdale had called on her Sunday to wish her “happy birthday.”

25 Years Ago

December 6, 1990

Try Walking 4 Miles To Drinking Water

Several descendents of the late John L. Eklund gathered at the Eklund farm last week to observe his 100th anniversary. Several of them walked to the hills, some 4 miles north of the farm, to get an idea of what it was like to walk that far to fetch drinking water. They recalled when his father, John F., first came to Wyoming in 1887 to homestead west of Albin. There was no water on the place, so with his own homemade yoke and wooden buckets he hiked down the hill to a small creek for water. After a snack in the hills, most of the hikers rode back in pickups without any water. The group then met at Johnny and Suzi Eklunds for a soup supper and more reminiscing. Those involved were John L.’s wife, Doris Eklund, his son, John C. and wife, Mildred, his grandchildren, John Jr., Barry and Val Eklund and Nedra Snyder and their spouses, his great-great-grandchildren, Jamie, Jenna and Melissa Eklund and Mandy, Ginny and Laurie Eklund and Carlena Smith and his great-great-grandson, Ty Smith.


Celebrity Reader

The celebrity reader in 1st grade last week was Dale’s dad, Mike Chalupa. He read one of his original stories, “Hunting Down the Sheep Killer.” It was suspenseful!

10 Years Ago

December 8, 2005

Honored Great-Grandmothers

Glenna Streeks was one of the honored great-grandmothers at the Thanksgiving meal held at the Helping Hands Day Care and Pre-school. Five of her great-grandchildren attended the school. Kinleigh and Kayler Soule, Paige Lopez, Brandyn Larsen, and MarLee Neu. Mr. and Mrs. Rueland are the teachers and served the delicious meal to around 60 parents and grandparents.


Many attend women’s coffee

A unique spin was taken on the Bible when a style show was presented at the Area Christian Women’s Coffee Dec. 3 at the United Methodist Church in Pine Bluffs.

Greeters for the morning were Viola Person and Shirley Zorn.

Master of Ceremonies was Dana Ostrander and she spoke briefly about her childhood and the birth of Jesus Christ. An inspirational reading was read by Lois Smith.

The program consisted of 13 women portraying Women of the Bible in various costumes. Models included Jessica DeBruyn as Eve; Jean Petersen, Noah’s wife; Sonja Larez, Miriam; Megan Crandell, Deborah; Jaci Bland, Delilah; Becky Martinez, Martha; Mary Ella Gerner, Bathsheba; Shannon Weller, Leah; Roberta Foster, Lydia; Wilma Vencill, Sarah; Janet Bruckner, Salome; Leanne DeBruyn Esther; Donna Crandell, today’s Christian women.

Each wore costumes related to the woman’s characteristics and Bunny Jones was the commentator for the show. Shirley Leemaster performed a song on the piano for each of the women. Many laughs were shared during the show. Door prizes were awarded to Noni O’Dell and Donna Crandall of Pine Bluffs and Lulu Gordon of Carpenter.

First time guests included Vicki Hassell of Carpenter; Edna Hickman, Jamie and Jessica DeBruyn, and Becky Christofferson, all of Pine Bluffs, and Evelyn Foster and Angels Refior of Kimball, Neb.

Refreshments were prepared by Jane Baker and served by Todd, David, and Jane Baker.


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