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Just a few thoughts...about the past year


It’s Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

How about this weather? I recall it being this cold last year, but I don’t recall this much snow still on the ground.

I just recently celebrated my one year anniversary with the Pine Bluffs Post, and next week I will celebrate one year as the General Manager.

The past year has been a roller coaster of events, some good and some not so good; but then again, isn’t that usually how things go in business?

I have met many new people under a variety of circumstances. In almost all cases though, the community has been very generous in its support of the special projects I and the newspaper have tried to put forward over the past 12 months. For this I would like to thank both the readers and the advertisers. The newspaper could not have done it without you.

Someone else that deserves a big thank you is Lorna Dunlap from Wyoming Bank and Trust. The Pine Bluffs Post was able to give two of the children, who wrote letters to Santa this year, an extra special Christmas surprise. Out of all the letters, one girl and one boy were chosen to receive jumbo Christmas stockings each containing approximately $100 dollars in toys and goodies.

I would also like to thank their teachers, Ms. Epler from Burns Elementary, and Michelle McCormack from Pine Bluffs Elementary for helping me surprise their students. It really made the Christmas season to see the smiles on their faces. None of it would have been possible, though, without the generosity of Wyoming Bank and Trust, and Lorna Dunlap.

For me, personally, this year has been an interesting one. I tried early on to get involved in community activities, and was able to do that by becoming a member of the Pine Bluffs Lions Club. When there is an activity they work hard and use the money they raise to help other people – something which has always been important to me; but they also find the time to have fun.

A few months ago I was asked to be on the Texas Trail Museum Foundation Board – definitely an honor for me. I have visited the museum several times, and am impressed with what has been accomplished there, and what they hope to do in the future.

I’ve also had the pleasure of baking pies for the Pine Bluffs Senior Center pie sale; something I’ve never done before. I know someday I may be using that center, so it feels good that I can do something to help out now.

Right after I moved here I met a new author, Liz Roadifer, and have spent a lot of time at one of her favorite hangouts – the local library. And there has been a wide variety of interesting folks that have stopped in just to talk, which I appreciate.

The next writer I hope to be meeting is Bill Sniffin. He wrote to me that he is planning on visiting Pine Bluffs sometime in the new year.

I also had the opportunity to help the only other institution in this community that has been here for 100 years or more celebrate its 100th anniversary – Farmers State Bank. Who has been here longer than Farmers State Bank you might be asking yourself? Why, the Town of Pine Bluffs. I’m not sure, but I think the Texas Trail Market may be number 3 on that list, although they have a few years to go before they hit 100. And Bill Cushing and the Texas Trail Market staff deserve a shout out for everything they have contributed to the community over the past year.

The biggest problem at the paper this year? The calls from the readers about the fact they are not receiving their newspapers. The majority of calls have been from people who live outside of the tri-county area, and the postal service has been taking its time about delivering papers. I can attest to this fact because of the many newspapers that are sent to the Pine Bluffs Post, most of them arrive two weeks after their publication dates.

What I have learned to appreciate the most during the past 12 months are the people I’ve worked with, in the office and outside, who make my job more pleasant and enjoyable. Yes, some of the faces have changed, but we worked together to get the paper out each week, and that is what counts. And your comments and input are always welcome too.

So, with that said, along with the staff – Jamie Carpenter and Jimmie Earls, I would like to wish our readers and advertisers a very safe and warm Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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