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Looking Back


75 Years Ago

March 13, 1941


More than 100 independent women students now living in Laramie boarding houses will move into the University of Wyoming’s beautiful new $375,000 dormitory on March 26 at the beginning of the spring quarter.

“The new dormitory has a much greater significance then the addition of another beautiful building to our growing campus,” Miss E. Luella Galliver, dean of women, explained. “It will mean an opportunity for 136 girls to enjoy extremely attractive and comfortable surroundings during their four years of college, and even more important, through the dormitory dining room the girls will now gain all their advantages of group living.”

“Out of close associations which result from living and eating together a school spirit and a type of atmosphere which are now lacking for non-sorority woman can easily be built up.”

Each room in the native-stone dormitory is decorated in a different color scheme, ranging from pale yellows and blues to deeper rose shades. Furniture is of an attractive modern design. Tastefully decorated lounges, recreation rooms, and offices are also provided for dormitory residents.

All rooms are doubles and will rent for $30 to $38 for four weeks per girl, which sum includes board and room is due to the location of the rooms and whether or not they have private baths.

The dining room provides small tables for six and there will be family service. The small tables were chosen especially to provide better conversational units and facilitate the entertaining of dormitory and personal guests. Facility members and other students have the use of an attractive cafeteria.


50 Years Ago

March 11, 1966


The Laramie county school district reorganization committee met last week and approved a motion to indefinitely postpone action on a proposal to reorganize school districts 3, 8, and 10 (Burns, Carpenter and Hillsdale).

County Commissioner Doran Lummis stated that a “long-term information and education program will have to be instituted so that all residents of every district can become fully informed of the problems, ramifications and goals that could be attained by action of this reorganization committee as a whole”.

The original proposal to reorganize the districts was submitted by school district three at Burns.

A study by the district three projected that a more effective school system could be inaugurated if the three districts were made into one district.

The area involved would be classified as a unified district maintaining three elementary units, grades 1 through 6, and with the junior and senior high schools, grades 7 through 12 in one building at Burns under direction and guidance of one administrator and on high school principal.

Marvin Anderson of Albin, president of the committee pointed out that district 3,5 and 7 were reorganized in the 1958-59 school year. This action dissolved school district 9 (Egbert) which was incorporated into the other three.

Anderson also pointed out that the committee itself could take no direct action on the proposal and that any reorganization would require a vote of the residents involved or action by the county boundary board.

The group agreed future meetings will be called, but set no definite date for the next meeting.

Members of the reorganization committee are Leah Bain, district 1; Hoyt DuVall, 2; Eugene Mikesell, 3; Ed Francis, 4; Marvin Anderson, 5; Nova Child, 6; Stanley Safranek, 7; Delmar True, 8; and Harold Hagemeier, 10.

Also present at the meeting were county commissioners Ray Walterscheid and Doran Lummis, county superintendent of schools Marquerite Johnson, county treasurer Paul Groesbeck, county assessor Roy Kane, and other school district representatives and Dean P Talagan, assistant superintendent of teacher certification, state department of education.

The three county commissioners, the treasurer and county superintendent of schools compose the Laramie county boundary board.


25 Years Ago

March 14, 1991


Display of United States flags predominated in this area as in other areas during the Persian Gulf crisis, and one of the most unusual and colorful was the one put on display at Texas Trail Market soon after the outbreak of hostilities.

The display consists of an arrangement of predominating red Coca Cola cans arranged by Ron Radomsky, soft drink representative of Scottsbluff with the section of stars of blue Schweppes club soda.

Steve McDonald, assistant manager of Texas Trail Market, said the display was arranged under the direction of the store manager, Roy Rumfelt, and would remain until the last of March since troops serving in the Persian Gulf have been ordered home.

The display, Steve said, listed the names of about 60 servicemen serving in the Middle East, and the whole arrangement was set up to pay tribute to them and to encourage their families and friends to write letters while the troops were overseas.

“We support the Troops,” the banner arrangement over the display read. And the store arranged to pay postage on the outgoing mail of letters and cards, to servicemen, Linda Coffman of the store staff said. She said there were 4,896 cans in the display.

Shirley Sterle, store employee, said letters and cards will still be accepted until the date of March 31 for the sixty or over servicemen involved in Desert Storm.

Names Shirley listed on store stationery, along with the caption, “Our Thoughts and Prayers are With Our Local Troops Serving in Desert Storm” were:

Ernie Westby

Trent Fritchie

Bruce Eggers

Dale Pawling

Emmette J. Shepherd

Daniel Villavicencio

Steve Scarlett

Harry Ornelas

Rick Soper

Tim Brightman

Tony Miller

Helen Giorgis

Raymond Villavicencio

Jim McIrvin

Jack Warren Jr.

Harley Winchester

Gary Christiansen

William Blackerby

Del Harvey Jr.

Johnny Taylor

Rex Richards

Gregory Dornan

Richard Wendt

Wade Sterling

M.S. Evertson

Troy Crossman

Shawn Buresch

W.D. Warnock

Robert Hill

Bryan Madden

Robert Chiesa

Alvin Price

John Briggs

Lynn Brown

Joseph Chandler

Roy Coffman

Carl Cooper

Shawn Gallagher

Chad Fogg

Jeffry Gragg

Shawn Hammer

Monty Haney

Bill Holgerson

Kenneth Jones

Dave Kriete

Lannis Miller

Eugene Moore

Jerry Nickerson

Merril Onigkeit

John Pace

Robin Pederson

Dan Purdy

Robert Rawlings

Frank Ruiz

Christopher Rundell

Elijah Rundell

Walt Schaefer

Trevor Schelor

George Smith

Ambrose Tail

Steve Taylor

Jim Theil

Dan True

Mike Watford

Dale Wilderness

As a patriotic gesture of his own, Steve McDonald printed stickers for meat products which red, “Support Our Troops- Operation Desert Shield.”


10 Years Ago

March 16, 2006


One year after historic Limousin Visions Symposium at Colorado State University (CSU), 26 producers from 13 states delivered more than 300 head of Limousin-influences cattle to begin Visions Quest – the North American Limousin Foundation’s (NALF’s) learn-by-doing cattle-feeding and carcass-merit-discovery project.

Among them were 10 head from Waddle Limousin Ranch of Pine Bluffs.

NALF created Visons Quest to provide an educational experience about retained ownership and to generate critical performance and carcass data for genetic evaluation and ongoing breed improvement.

Vision Quest participants and educational program enrollees receive monthly lessons about such topics as calculating breakevens, the value of preconditioning, risk management, feedlot nutrition, understanding closeout reports, interpreting carcass data, and selecting and cross breeding for success in target markets.


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