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By Zach Spadt
Pine Bluffs Post 

Town rebounds with Trail Days

66th annual event takes place one week after devastating hailstorm


Zach Spadt/Pine Bluffs Post

Pine Bluffs Trail Days Attendant Vanessa DelaCruz rides in the Parade Saturday.

Pine Bluffs residents needed a break after a hailstorm hit two weeks ago. They got that with Trail Days last week.

The 66th annual event attracted people from across Wyoming and surrounding states and included a melodrama, talent shows, street dances and a youth rodeo. The five-day event concluded Sunday with a mud volleyball tournament.

Beginning Wednesday, local artists showed off their talents at a talent show. Thursday night brought the first of four melodrama performances, with local thespians performing an act that someone had to be a local to truly understand.

"Devious Deeds of the Duplicate Dirty Dastards, or A Villain Hand is Worth Two of the Bush Whackers," a Three-act melodrama written by Rory Mack of Cheyenne poked fun at locals and statewide officials alike.

References that the local audience would recognize included Governor Matt Mean, Mayor Shame, Councilmen Ragweed, Tortoise Barnstorm and Lessen.

The event swung into full-motion Friday with the children's museum arriving in town, additional melodrama performances (There were two performances Saturday, as well.) and a street dance. Attendees of the packed street dance danced the night away at the Knotty Pine Saloon to local celebrity John Paul Hodge and up-and-coming country music star Jake Gill.

Saturday was action-packed beginning with the Longhorn Stampede which started at the community. Later in the morning residents were treated to a parade down Main Street at city park. Onlookers could see the damage done by the hailstorm but that did not stop parade participants from showing off some beautiful floats.

The theme for the parade, fittingly enough this year, was "Celebrating Volunteers," which Pine Bluffs residents are no strangers to after the hailstorm last month. Trail Days Committee member Darla Hague said the theme was chosen in April.

There was plenty to do Saturday afternoon, including a youth rodeo, antique tractor pull, and barbecue at City Park. Several organizations had fundraisers and open houses, and there was also a car show.

Unique this year, an award was given to Jason McDonough for owning the vehicle which sustained the most hail damage. The award was sponsored by God himself.

Continuing into Sunday events included community church at the Pine Bluffs Community Center and of course, the classic event, the mud volleyball tournament. The friendly competition attracted 24 teams.

Parade winners were as follows:

Best Religious Float

Crossroads Community Church

Best Riding Group

Gilbert Family

Best Youth Float

Pine Bluffs High School/Pine Bluffs Booster Club

Best Use of Theme

Pine Bluffs Volunteer Fire Department

Best Commercial Float

Little Learners Daycare

The results from the rodeo were:

Sr Team Roping

1. Cole Lane / Canton Afdahl 5.2

2. Cord Herring / Cade Herring 5.5

3. Blake Afdahl / Canton Afdahl 5.6

Mutton Bustin

1. Hattie Haeffelin 78

2. Holden Mossberg 76

3. Trigg Roberts 73

Jr Girls Breakaway

1. Molly Allen 43.9

Jr Girls Barrels

1. Jadyn Shelit 18.06

2. Taylin Harthun 18.28

3. Kaitlynn Idler 18.33

Sr Barrels

1. Jo Langlois 16.75

2. Madison Haun 16.76

3. Kelby Eastman 16.92

Sr Poles

1. Jo Hummermeier 23.38

2. Sierra Shelit 23.90

3. Breann Hort 25.77

Sr Girls Breakaway

1. Timber Kelly 3.9

2. Tawnee Madden 7.0

3. Sierra Shelit 25.1

PeeWee Barrels

1. Kane Mandel 20.80

2. Cashlynn Haws 21.83

3. Stesha Tidyman 22.57

4. Kannom Gilbert 24.05

5. Tally Harthun 24.41

6. Hattie Haeffelin 25.65

Jr Poles

1. Kaitlynn Idler 24.24

2. Brenna Herring 24.81

3. Taylin Harthun 26.86

Calf Riding

1. Jolyn Turnbull

2/3. Rider Turnbull

2/3. Brendel Evans

4. Kannon Gilbert

5. Clayton Turnbull

PerWee Poles

1. Hattie Haeffelin 31.54

2. Tally Harthun 35.91

3. Kannon Gilbert 36.57

4. Cashlynn Haws 38.73

Steer Riding

1. Cash Bohannon 87

2. DC Cathcart 80

3. Riley McLaughlin 74

Sr Girls Goats

1. Reata Beck 8.46

2. Timber Kelly 8.61

3. Madison Haun 8.62

Jr Boys Goats

1. Kutter Fornstrom 15.4

2. Bodie Herring 15.5

3. Kagan Gilbert 17.8

4. Koye Gilbert 20.2

Jr Girls Goats

1. Clara Petersen 11.6

2. Kaitlynn Idler 13.1

3. Jadyn Hall 14.4

4. MaKayla Hushbeck 17.0

Jr Team Roping

1. Bodie Herring / Cade Herring 11.1

2. Kagan Gilbert / Koye Gilbert 17.4

3. Bodie Herring / Brenna Herring 22.1

4. Harrison Hall / Sid Petersen 30.5

Jr Boys Breakaway

1. Koye Gilbert 8.7

2. Kagan Gilbert 16.6

3. Cord Herring 30.9

Tie Down

1. Cole Lane 10.5

2. Canton Afdahl 13.5

3. Jasper Heggem 14.3

Bull Riding

1. Ryan Walker 75

2. Ryley Lane 69

3. Cutter McWhirter 67

Kaylie Haun Memorial

Sierra Shelit

Junior All Around Boy

Kagan Gilbert

Runner Up: Bodie Herring

Zach Spadt/Pine Bluffs Post

Lilly Marcinko reacts after having a scary ride during Mutton Bustin' at the Trail Days Youth Rodeo. Although scared, Marcinko was unharmed.

Junior All Around Girl

Kaitlyn Idler

Runner Up: Taylin Harthun

Senior All Around Boy

Canton Afdahl

Runner Up: Canton Afdahl

Senior All Around Girl

Co-Winners Timber Kelly and Jo Hummermeier


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