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Letter to the Editor


I am very thankful to reside in the small town of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. The terrible hail storm in July was like the destruction of a Tornado with a million baseball bats. Our community plus the National Guard worked non stop to help clean up this peaceful town as quickly as possible. Neighbors helping neighbors along with youth groups that volunteered to help the elderly. Even some residents with snow plows helped clear a path through the banks of hail so street access was available to everyone and tons of water could flow more freely. Thanks goes to our city workers driving those plows and also people who volunteered their own equipment like Buzz and others.

The City Employees placed dumpsters for removal of debris, used heavy equipment to remove heavy trees and kept the burn pile accessible to everyone needing to clean up local tree debris. City and local business were donating supplies and equipment to help everyone as best they could do. What was special was seeing this in person and knowing our community could work together through hard times and disasters like such a storm. Knowing people care about this town is a good thing for that brings hope that we can pull together if it happens again. Checking on neighbors safety and aiding some with needed tools or equipment to repair the damages inside and outside homes.

Special thanks goes to Pine Bluffs Town Hall and the many First Responder Teams as well as the many volunteers that worked so hard during these hard times. Our city is still recovering and the placement of needed meters will help get us back to normal before this winter. Paying our town bill seems to be a small price to pay after you consider all the work that was done to clean up just the July Storm. It might be good time to tell a City Employee thank you for what they did do and to remember our city did not charge extra for doing all of this during the July Storm Disaster.

I pray we do not experience more damage than most of us suffered this summer from more monster storms. I thank the Lord for those who worked as a team and helped each other rather than just complaining about the mess. Sometimes hard times are a way for us to realize and appreciate more the good things we overlook. People are beautiful when we treat them as "beautiful". The same goes for everything that is beautiful including small towns. Sometimes it takes more effort to bring out the shine of beauty and the smiles but don't you think it is worth doing that extra effort more often? Sometimes I do not gift those smiles enough but inside I have them and this time I am thanking all of you for keeping this town beautiful. I appreciate living here even though I do not show it often enough.

God Bless Pine Bluffs

Warren Wittstruck

Pine Bluffs, Wyo.


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