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By Becky Christofferson
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LCSD2 enrollment on the rise


The Laramie County School District No. 2 (LCSD #2) enrollment numbers saw an increase of students from the first of the 2016-2017 school year than that of the 2015-2016 school year. The increase saw a total of 43 students who joined the district as of September 2016, making the overall district's enrollment at 1,008.

According to LCSD #2 Superintendent Jon Abrams, an increase in enrollment is good for the district.

“This is really good for our district when other districts across the state are seeing a decline,” Abrams said. “This is actually just great. The kids generate the resources for the district.”

The western side of the district saw the biggest increase for both elementary and junior-senior high students. Abrams noted that the district does see students coming from Laramie County School District No. 1(LCSD #1), but also explained that there were students who also opted out of the district in favor of LCSD #1.

The biggest increase for the district came from Burns Junior-Senior High School (BHS) enrolling 284 students this year compared to 256 students last year, a 28-student increase.

“The seventh grade class at Burns is really big this year,” Abrams noted. The class comes in at 65 students, which is an increase of 16 students from last year's number of 49.

Fifty-four students is the next biggest class at BHS in the ninth grade class, followed by the eighth grade class at 53 students. The smallest class at BHS is eleventh grade with 31 students, 34 students are in the twelfth grade and tenth grade saw an enrollment of 47 students.

Pine Bluffs Junior-Senior High School (PBHS) stayed consistent with enrollment from this year to last, seeing a two-student increase from 166 students to 168. Ninth grade boasts the biggest class for PBHS with 32 students followed closely by tenth grade at 31 students. Twenty-nine students are in the senior class, 27 students were enrolled for eighth grade and the seventh grade had 25. The lowest number of students are at the eleventh level with 24.

At the elementary level, Burns Elementary School saw the biggest expansion of students with a 14 increase of 254 students this year compared to 240 students last year. Forty-six students round out the biggest class in the sixth grade class while there are 43 students who were enrolled in the kindergarten class. Second graders had 37 students while first and fifth grades each enrolled 36 students. Third grade saw 34 students and the lowest class size with 22 students was the fourth grade.

Albin Elementary School was the only school who saw a decrease from this year to last with an enrollment of 55 students compared to 62 students last September. In the kindergarten level, there were six students enrolled as of September 2016 and there were five students in the first grade. The biggest grade enrollment at Albin is the second grade class with a total of 13 students while the third grade class shows an nine-student enrollment. Fourth grade has six students and fifth grade boasts the second-highest enrollment with nine students. Albin Elementary's sixth grade class stood at seven students at the beginning of September.

Carpenter Elementary School saw a six-student increase from this school year to last school year, making their September enrollment at 98 students. The kindergarten class and fourth grade class share this year's biggest enrollment with 18 students each, an increase of two students in the kindergarten level and seven in fourth grade. The first grade class has 17 students and both second grade and sixth grade showed 13 students in each grade. The smallest class at Carpenter Elementary is the fifth grade level with nine students, followed by the third grade class which had 10 students.

Staying the same enrollment from this year to last was Pine Bluffs Elementary School, which enrolled 149 students in September. The smallest class size for Pine Bluffs Elementary is the third grade class, which has 16 students followed by both the kindergarten and first grade classes, each enrolling 20 students. Twenty-one students were enrolled for fourth grade while the sixth grade boasted 23 students. The highest enrollment for Pine Bluffs Elementary was at the fifth grade level with 25 students followed by the second grade with 24 students.


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