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We will need to do ultimate road trip to finish my Wyoming Bucket List


When you have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, why would you then spend so much time wandering around Wyoming?

I get that question a lot.

The answer is simple – there is just so much to see and do in our great state and we want to experience all of it.

Earlier in our lives, we were fortunate to visit Canada and Mexico. I earned a Masters Degree in Cardiff, Wales. We used to own a company that promoted the Rocky Mountain States in Europe. We visited Hong Kong to line up getting some publishing work done. In 1989, Gov. Mike Sullivan invited me to go to Taiwan, by way of Japan, on an international trade mission. We even did pilgrimages to Rome and Lourdes, France.

But now that we are in the motorhome stage of our lives, it just makes sense to wander around our home state as much as we can.

A few years ago I put together my “Wyoming Bucket List” and, despite traveling all over the state, there are still a number of items that need to be accomplished.

So, here is my updated Wyoming Bucket List. And, yes, please let me know if there are places and events on this list that you think we should plan to get to in the next few years:

For example a dinosaur dig or a buffalo jump have zoomed to near the top of my list. Our family has never been to either and Wyoming has some of the best in the world

• Am hoping to take a closer look at the Vedauwoo area outside of Laramie. Again, I have driven by it hundreds of times. It is time for a closer look. Also, we hope to spend some time at Curt Gowdy State Park.

• There is a man-made rock arrow in the Red Desert called the Hadsell site. It is between Jeffrey City and Wamsutter and will make a nice Jeep trip with my friend Jim Smail.

• Between Jeffrey City and Muddy Gap is an odd rock formation I call Stonehenge, which most folks call Castle Rock. Reportedly it has names written on its walls including Sublette. Sometime in the next year it will finally get checked off.

• Our family lived on Squaw Creek for 23 years outside of Lander and our view looked out at Red Butte. Hope to climb it next summer.

• If Fossil Butte is not on this list, my friend Vince Tomassi will scold me about it. He serves incredible meals every Thursday night in Kemmerer-Diamondville at Luigi’s. Perhaps a tour and dinner, Vince?

• In 1993, I spent a very nervous time hunting a bighorn ram in the Double Cabin Area northeast of Dubois. Would love to go back for a more relaxed trip this time around. Probably need to take a lot more bear spray this time.

• I still need to take the time to tour UW with a knowledgeable guide and see first-hand all the new buildings and new programs.

• Some 46 years ago, I snapped aerial photographs of what looked like a horrible scar on Togwotee Pass where the area was clear-cut. Would like to go back to those areas and see if the timber has recovered or not?

• Historian Phil Roberts says he will give me a tour of the “breaks” north of Lusk? I flew over that area by private plane many times and looked down in awe at this rough country.

• Would like to spend some quality time around Devil’s Tower, too, with Ogden Driskell as my guide.

• Perhaps one of these days, we can tour that vast area north of Gillette with Tom Lubnau showing me around.

• I would like to spend an afternoon talking about the Johnson County War with author John Davis of Worland.

• Also on the list is visiting Adobe Town in the Red Desert with either Dan Hayward or Paul Ng, two outstanding photographers.

• A tour of Wyoming’s giant coalmines and trona mines makes sense.

• On the Wind River Reservation, I would like to visit the Arapaho Ranch and also visit the mountains at the extreme north end of the rez. Would love to climb to the top of Crowheart Butte.

• One of the biggest wind farms in the world is getting ready to be built south of Rawlins. Should would be a nice trip to check it out before all those towers get built.

So that’s my Wyoming bucket list. What’s yours?

Check out Bill Sniffin’s columns at He is a longtime Wyoming journalist from Lander who has written six books. His newest is “Wyoming at 125,” which is now on sale at fine bookstores. His books are available at


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