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Nov. 16, 1916

The car shortage and tie-up on the U.P., which had existed for several weeks, was getting more serious as the elevators were full of grain and were forced to stop buying as they were unable to get cars.

The building for the creamery and artificial ice plant in Pine Bluffs was constructed.

Chas. Stevens was planning on opening up a job print shop in Sidney, Neb.

R.B. Shook was moving the garage from the Farnsworth property to his farm north of Egbert where he will convert it into a dwelling.

E.H. Harvey put in a phone for John Palm.

A girl was born to Dick Rutledge and wife.

There were 78 votes cast in Albin during the election.



Nov. 18, 1926

Pine Bluffs Mayor C. E. Beyerle put a notice in the paper reporting of complaints that some one was cutting down and whittling the trees in the town.

Mr. Cole of Kimball was in an car accident two miles from Pine Bluffs as he was trying to turn on the heater during the storm, ran off the grade and turned over, causing fire to engulf the car. There were no injuries reported.

The South Divide Telephone Company was to be completed within the week with 18 phones connected. The line connected with the Mountain States Telephone Company in Pine Bluffs.

A number of people were reported of attending the rodeo in Grover on Armistice Day.

Guy Smith was putting up a new garage to house his new car and Ford truck.

It was reported that the small red brick building where John Wilkes Booth stabled the horse on which he escaped from Washington after he had assassinated Abraham Lincoln was sold by the war department for $4,950.

J.J. Bozorth and his crew were doing an extensive amount of work on the hill south of town, widening the road and a guard rail was to be put up on the outer edge.



Nov. 19, 1936

John Bickel, 19 and Virgil Brothwell, 20, of Kimball, were sentence to 60 days in the Laramie County jail when they admitted stealing a mirror from the local high school and a number of radiator caps during the Republican Rally.

The new Golden Prairie school building, located 16 miles northwest of Pine Bluffs, was officially completed at a cost of $21,818.

The Pine Bluffs Library received a large number of new books in celebration of “Juvenile Book Week”.

It was reported that Mr. and Mrs. JackLee of Carpenter were driving a new Plymouth car.

A new sound reflector was being installed in the Albin High School gymnasium in the form of a false ceiling above the the stage. It was hoped that this would make a vast improvement in the hearing facilities of the gym.

The Taylor Grain Company sponsored a free talking picture about Purina Chows at the Albin school house.

Lyle A. Moore, 37, co-manager of the Wheatgrower’s Hotel in Kimball died of heart disease.



Nov. 21, 1946

About 175 members, leaders and parents attended the 4-H achievement day program and banquet at the high school gym in Carpenter.

The beet harvest was only about 60 percent complete.

Charles Smith, 4-H leader of Carpenter, was selected outstanding leader in the state and won an all-expense paid trip to the National 4-H club in Chicago.

Five cattle cars were shipped from Carpenter and sent to Omaha for the market.

Pat Dalgarn of Egbert was the new owner of a new Ford.

The Bushnell Parent-Teachers Association decided that the hot lunch program would soon begin.

Dale Scharnharst of LaGrange was home from the hospital where he was being treated for polio.

Charles Berquiest, 74, passed away.

Maxine Sorensen and Lee Vern Boyce were married.

Daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Craigie, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Shake Jr., and to Mr. and Mrs. Marion F. Rairigh. Sons were born to Mr. and Mr. James K. Bush and to Mr. and Mrs. John Bahl.



Nov. 15, 1956

Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary was Mr. and Mrs. Pete Prosser.

Mary Louise Kelly, nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly, was brought home from the Kimball hospital where she had undergone treatment for three weeks for an infection in her leg.

Robert Wilson, 31, of Kimball was still missing and a ground and air search was conducted in throughout the county. It was reported that his car was found at its usual parking place with the key in the ignition. It contained a jacket and several checks. Wilson, who needed specially-make clothing, apparently did not take any clothing if he left town.

The Lamm family of LaGrange was sick with the mumps.

Members of the Carpenter community was invited to attend an open house for the new agricultural shop and bus garage.



Nov. 18, 1966

The Pine Bluffs Lions Club was celebrating it’s 44th anniversary.

Kevin Shipp underwent an appendectomy.

Capt. Harry Ornelas, pilot of an O-1 Bird Dog light plane, received only minor injuries and bruises when his single-engine plane failed and crashed immediately after take off in Viet Nam.

Pine Bluffs High School football team lettered 28 students during the season.

LaVerne Gadeken, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gadeken of Bushnell, left for El Salvador to spend two years as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Former Pine Bluffs seventh grader Tony Prentice fell in the Big Goose Creek after a old dead tree struck him. He went to Children’s Hospital where 11 specialists tried to save his legs. The left leg was amputated and the right one, which had 11 surgeries to fix it, was still in a full body cast.

A grassfire burned one to one-and-a-half acres on the Harry Anderson land, 14 miles southeast of Pine Bluffs. A broken high line wire on the REC line started the fire.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bryan were honored with an open house for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Land celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Those passing away included Mrs. Morris B. Cox, 89, of Albin; Jen Olesen, 88, of Cheyenne and John D. Schwab, 63, of Briggsdale.



Nov. 19, 1976

J. Douglas McCalla, a Cheyenne lawyer, was planning to open an office in Pine Bluffs.

The water supply of Carpenter residents and irrigation farmers was thought to be endangered when a ruling handed down by Judge Joseph F. Maier for Husky Oil Company of Cheyenne where it was permitted the company could divert their effluent water instead of cleaning it up for return to Crow Creek. The creek was the source of water supply for the Carpenter community.

Lee Scheel of Pine Bluffs was involved in a five-car collision south of Gering, but no serious injuries were reported.

Paul Smith of the Burns FFA Chapter earned the high individual spot from the National FFA poultry contest.

Dwayne Anderson of Albin was presented the American Farmers Degree at the National FFA Convention in Kansas City.

It was reported that 136 shots were given to individuals in the LaGrange flu shot clinic.

Mr. and Mrs. George Haldeman were honored for their 35th wedding anniversary.

Roberta and Wendy Robertson of Meriden suffered some injuries from the school bus Roberta was driving overturned as she began her route.

Ormand Russell McComas passed away.



Nov. 20, 1986

The Pine Bluffs Chamber of Commerce was putting the finishing touches on the “Christmas at Home” celebration.

The Rural Electric Company of Pine Bluffs held its 46th annual meeting and winning seats on the board of directors were Wyane Child, Hillsdale District; J.E. Loyd, Crow Valley District; Russ Nielsen, Potter District; Ken Gehrke, Bushnell District and Gordon Malm, Albin District.

David Petsch of Meriden received the American Farmer Degree.

Rose “Sterle” Pickett was honored with an open house on her 90th birthday.

Frank Jones, 86’ LaGrange graduate, was honored for academic achievement at the University of Wyoming.

Maxine Boyce of Albin underwent back surgery.

Pamela Hueftle and Michael Willits were married.

Warden W. Allwood, 85, of Carpenter passed away.

John and Linda Person welcomed home a baby daughter while a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Riggan Blackburn.



Nov. 21, 1996

The Wyoming Game and Fish was investigating the illegal killing and abandonment of a mule deer buck south of Pine Bluffs on the Jack Hockersmith property. The poachers killed the buck one month after the close of the season and kept only the hindquarters and antlers and left the rest of the deer.

The Pine Bluffs High School senior class was to present a special program at the school.

Three break-ins of homes and buildings near Albin and Pine Bluffs led the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office asking for the public’s assistance.

A new academic reward program at Pine Bluffs High School began with seven students being treated to a lunch in Cheyenne for earning all “A”s inn the first nine weeks of school.

Dorance and Dorothy Berry were honored for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Lucile Shipp was honored for her 90th birthday.

John Hayes was selected by the Burns High School faculty as the student of the quarter.

Sons were born to Dwayne and Chaurisse Anderson of Albin and to Riley and Toni McNamar of Hillsdale. A daughter was born to John and Chris Stewart.



Nov. 16, 2006

The LCSD NO. 2 board discussed options and different sites for the new Pine Bluffs Elementary.

The Town of Pine Bluffs was planning the annual “Christmas at Home” celebration

Koral Lerwick and Shawn Peck were married.


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