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Dec. 28, 1916

Rev. U. M. Creath severed his pastoral relations with the Methodist Church in Pine Bluffs.

Pine Bluffs Postmaster Keenan reported a great increase in holiday business, estimating that business done exceed the previous year’s by 50 percent.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Furney announced the birth of their son as did Mr. and Mrs. Gene Beatty.

There were many changes in the Union Pacific personnel including new day operator Bradley Bunch, Edmund Bradley, day helper and Normal Steimel, night clerk.

Todd Gross returned to the area to become the newest member of the Farmers State Bank.

The Pine Bluffs State Bank was planning on extensive additions to its office room, adding another vault, and new fixtures as well as enlarging the lobby and rest room.

The Town of Pine Bluffs was calling for bids on the water works extension.

George Sisson purchased a new feed grinder.

E. Remer of Morning Star finished a 16x16 addition to his barn.

Bushnell was to dedicate their new city hall at a dance held on New Years Eve.

The Golden Prairie Herald of Burns had the misfortune to break its’ new power press. Upon attaching the motor, the extreme speed caused the gears to fail to mesh. The last two runs of the paper were brought to Pine Bluffs and printed on the Post’s power cyclinder press.

Five surveyors arrived in Burns to make the survey for double tracking between Archer and Pine Bluffs.


Dec. 30, 1926

At a meeting of the Union Pacific, it was suggested that a different whistle be used on engines, one that would throw the sound further than the current whistles. The whistle would be attached to the front of the engine and air would be used instead of steam to make the sound.

The American Legion and the American Auxiliary were to hold a joint banquet to elect officers.

It was reported that Pine Bluffs was one of the biggest little towns on the map.

Kimball County Sheriff Swanson was called to Bushnell to assist in tracing the thieves who entered the Bogle and Son store and took merchandised valued at $250 consisting of 44 pair of overshoes, four blazers, several pairs of shoes, sheep-lined coats, and sheep-lined vests.

J. L. Peddycourt of the Motor-Inn Garage and agent for the Cheverolet cars won a large silver loving cup for selling the most cars over his quota for the month of November.

Kenneth Brittel of Kimball, a student at Pine Bluffs High School, won the Nebraska Trophy offered for the highest scoring lot of potatoes exhibited at the Nebraska State Potatoe Show.

A head-one collision demolished the Gene Beaty car south of Yoder. No one was injured including the five passengers of the other car.

Billie Lee Grier passed away.


Dec. 31, 1936

A car , carrying Cheyenne residents, turned over one and a half miles east of Pine Bluffs as it was enroute to central Nebraska. Mrs. Reva Godel, 31, was seriously injured with a broken back, with little hope for recovery. Four others in the car were injured, but not seriously and one passenger escaped injury. It was thought that the car was driving at a high rate of speed when it left the road.

It was reported that Kimball was to get an improved telephone service if the patrons would agree to bear a small portion of the expense. It would raise the subscriber’s monthly bill by 25 cents.

C.H. Leischer, Union Pacific ticket clerk, had been named deputy county treasurer.

Wyoming State Board of Health Secretary Dr. G.M. Anderson, reported the state board extended the compulsory quarantine period for scarlet fever victims from 21 days to 28 days in an effort to halt the spread of the disease.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Whited of Egbert.

W. J. Davies, highly respected and well-known Kimball merchant passed away at his home after an extended illness.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fornstrom.


Jan. 2, 1947

James. P. Voigt sold his bulk station and farm delivery oil business here to Joe H. Schacher, who, with his son Marvin as manager, would operate the business under the name of Joe’s Oils.

Calvin and Milford Gaston were advertising a public sale of their farm equipment and livestock.

The Pine Bluffs Post changed it’s paper size, which was said to have been in the works for five years, but the war years made the change-over impractical.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Curran celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

It was announced that Margaret Boyce was appointed the Albin school librarian, filling Mrs. Eldon Lundberg’s vacancy.

Sons were born to Mr. and Mrs. William Stubbs and to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Glahn.

It was reported that Dick Miskiminis of LaGrange was in an army camp in California.

Wilbur Bunch and Margaret May were to be married as well as Sally Hammond and Dean Van Vandt and William Crock and Ruth Brunner.

George Taylor, 65 of Kimball passed away as did Nelson H. Sherard 76, of LaGrange.


Dec. 27, 1956

T/Sgt Ray Taylor arrived in Pine Bluffs for a 30-day furlough after a year’s stay in Korea.

Five youths riding in a 1956 Volkswagon escaped serious injury when the car driven by Harold Kent Stenberg of Loveland overturned at the fair grounds curve just north of the railroad crossing. Considerable damage was done to the car.

Henry G. Schimmel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schimmel of Pine Bluffs, was promoted from the rank of A/2c to Airman First Class.

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Golden celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

Mrs. Ed W. Johnson, well-known LaGrange ranch woman and Wyoming Cowbelles president, took a strong stand against consolidation of Wyoming schools into country districts with large centralized schools.

Henry Schmidt resigned as treasurer of the Bushnell EUB church.

Dan Thompson of Pine Bluffs was fined $100 and court costs as he was charged with driving while under the influence.

Arlene Hatcher and Arthur Larson announced their engagement.

Daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pauli and to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shandera. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Martin.


Dec. 30, 1966

The post office in Egbert was closing after a petition signed by a majority of the Egbert post office patrons expressed their desire to have the facility closed.

Ronald E. Johnson of Bushnell was one of 14 Hastings College students traveling to Jamaica in January for an off-campus study.

Rodney McCarver son of Mrs. Bernice McCarver, left for the army.

Mrs. Marian Cox of Albin narrowly escaped serious injury when the coal range in the kitchen of her home exploded, showering the room with live embers and fragments of metal. The kitchen floor was burned and shattered beyond repair and smoke and soot damage was widespread through the rest of the house.

Engagements were announced for Joyce Marlene and Nathan E. Walls, Mary Larsen and Gary Shipp, Luann Peters and Cliff Anderson, Anna Hottell and Wayne Brush, and Nancy Mueller and James Rutledge.

A fire was discovered in the barn at the Julian McBride home, but damage was confined to the roof of the structure.

A 1962 Dodge bus van received $60 damage when it was in a collision with a 1963 Chevrolet pickup driven by H. N. Simkins of Pine Bluffs.

The Gambles Store installed a new store front.

The Pine Bluffs Elementary sixth graders were to be moved into their new quarters of the new addition of the junior high building after the holiday break.

Charles R. Barrett, 83, of Harrisburg passed away as did Arthur Louis Brown, 85, of Kimball.


Dec. 31, 1976

The top news story of 1976 was the discussions between the Pine Bluffs Town Council and the Laramie County Commissioners concerning the proposed community building and library complex. Meetings were held throughout the year on the subject and of press time, no decision had been made.

The Tri-State Co-op announced their annual meeting of stockholders.

The Pine Bluffs CB Club presented a check to the Pine Bluffs Ambulance Board with funds being raised by holding a bake sale.

Carolers from the Pine Bluffs Assembly of God church sang to Hereford residents.

Mitch Gassaway, son of John Gassaway of Burns, was the first member to recruit 10 members and get them to join the FFA Alumni organization and for this he was given a citation of merit at the National FFA meeting in Kansas.

Darold Bauman and son John Edward were to attend the Arizona Stock Show to show a string of Charolais cattle.

Deaths included John F. Spier, 90, of Pine Bluffs; Willimeina K. Hookum, 68, of Grover; and Fred Albert Long, Sr., 94, of Cheyenne.

Grand beef was selling at the Co-op Grocery store at 69 cents a pound.

Mr. and Mrs Keith Hickman welcomed home a baby boy.


Jan. 1, 1987

Top stories of 1986 were reviewed including stories like the possibility of LCSD No. 2 students not returning after the holiday break as the district’s insurance policy expired Dec. 31; by a wide margin Laramie County voters approved an additional one percent to the sales tax to fund a new county jail; Dennis Talich, Industrial Development Association of Cheyenne and Laramie County, reported there was a prospect for the old potato plant, which would reportedly be a $10 million business; and the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service moved its headquarters from Cheyenne to Burns to be located in the Burns Bank building.

Junior jazzercise was to begin in Pine Bluffs.

Reverend Gertrude Horn along with Hereford and Briggsdale churches were shown on the Dan Rather Show.

Earl and Beverly Sorensen were honored with a 40th wedding anniversary reception.

Deaths included Charley Andrew Wilhelm, 91, of Hopeville, Iowa; Nora C. Jones, 94 of Grover; and Bessie Snyder, 95, of Absarokee, Mont.

Judy Lynn Ward and Melvin R Barkell II were married.

Pawnee FFA was to hold their oyster fry and slave sale.

Scott and Jeanne Sorensen were proud parents of a baby girl and Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jacobsen welcomed home a baby boy.


Jan. 2, 1997

Stop stories of 1996 included a new business in Pine Bluffs, Gold Talon, which featured speciality equipment for professional surveyors; the school district was looking into the possibility of a four-day week with longer days; Pine Bluffs High School was named the best high school in the state by Redbook magazine; the Albin Community Center was nearing completion; and a 15-year old Burns High Sophomore lost his life in a car accident.

Alan Royce Moorhouse, a London genealogist, was to host a family history workshop.

Wyoming students were preparing for the national history competition.

It was announced that RT Communications would be offering local caller number identification for its customers in Pine Bluffs, Albin, Carpenter, and Burns.

Wyoming license agents were required to start asking if those purchasing hunting and fishing licenses would donate a $1 to the search and rescue operation.

Deaths included Russell Paul Cronk, 70 of Burns; Dick Wilson, 73, of Pine Bluffs; Bernice M. Simmons, 92, of Burns; Walter C. Ferguson Jr., 72 of Cheyenne; Robert Humprey, 77 of Laramie and Henry Jessen of Pine Bluffs.


Dec. 28, 2006

Those wishing for a white Christmas received their wish as several inches fell in the local tri-state area.

The body of Alice Lloyd, 61-year old female,and a rural resident of Eastern Laramie County, was found by Laramie County Deputies located two-tenths of a mile from her car. Lloyd and her daughter, Dessi O’Hare, were apparently trying to reach Lloyd’s home but failed when their van became stuck. Lloyd left the van in attempt to walk for help.

A meeting between the Pine Bluffs Mayor, Pine Bluffs Police Department and the Laramie County Sheriff’s office resulted in extra help for the town as deputies from the sheriff’s office could fill in for the Town of Pine Bluffs when needed.

The Pine Bluffs Police Department was investigating a case of five $100 bills stolen from Pal’s Pub.

Phil Rosenlund with the Laramie County University Service retired after 37 years.

If enough interest was gathered, a Tae Kwan Do and Tangsoodo class for beginners was to start in Pine Bluffs.

A Twin 18 H18 plane, piloted by William Chase of WauKee, Iowa landed safely in a pasture eight miles south of Pine Bluffs, near country road 164 during the winter storm that hit the area.

Hazel Holgerson passed away as did Ardis L. Laux.

A daughter was born to Tessa and Bradley Fraass.


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