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Jan. 4, 1917

The bricklaying crew for the Farmers State Bank building arrived and would soon start work.

The C.E. Carlstrum dwelling on Main Street was almost complete and it was reported as a finished example of up-to-date workmanship in the builders line.

The Pine Bluffs Commercial Club announced it would elect officers at its’ next meeting.

F. Clay Hemphill left for Greeley, Colorado where he was to take an advanced course in teaching at the Colorado State Teachers College.

Miss Zelma F Shinn of Grover married William K. Strode of Blair, Nebraska. Also married were Miss Lena Isabelle Smith and Ralph Harford McFarland.

William King, a prominent stockmen of the Harrisburg area, underwent surgery in Cheyenne.

C.J. Stevens purchased the interest of J.N. Brooks in the Farmers Barber Shop and would be sole proprietor. He was to have a first-class barber as his assistant.

Miss Margaret Newell closed her work as teacher of the Phillips school in the Golden Prairie district.

The Bushnell garage changed hands again with Baker & Kennison becoming the owners.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Grigsby announced the birth of their daughter.

John Johnson became the day helper at the depot.

B.E. Cooper was injured as he dismounted from a horse.


Jan. 6, 1917

Dan Donahue Jr., 17, was being held in Cheyenne, in connection with the death of Miss Frances Daughtery, 17, of Burns. The couple, along with another couple, was driving down the main street in Burns when the car struck a concrete sidewalk which crossed the street and one wheel crumpled, causing the car to turn completely over and crushing the girls head, but injuring none of the others.

It was reported that 6,147 jackrabbits were killed in Brush, Colorado.

Billy Snyder of the North Divide had the misfortune of being thrown from his pony and having one foot badly injured.

Tunnard Stevens was reported to be working for the Lundberg brothers.

Mr. Arthur McGill and Miss Dorothy Lukens were married



Jan. 7, 1937

Harry Wilkinson, prominent young rancher, was found dead in a garage at the ranch home one mile northeast of Pine Bluffs. A 12-gauge automatic shotgun was found between the dead man’s legs, with only one shot fired, striking the young man in the heart.

Mrs. Reba Godel, 31, passed away in Cheyenne from her injuries she received when the car she was riding with her family overturned about a mile east of Pine Bluffs Christmas morning.

C.E. Foster lost control of his new Hudson car while returning home from Kimball and went into the barrow pit near the state line. The car struck a large electric light pole, breaking it in two. Foster escaped injuries, but the car was badly damaged and the town of Bushnell was without lights for several hours.

George Manning, Jr., three-year-old and great nephew to J.R. Wilkinson of Pine Bluffs, was in critical condition as a result of pulling a pail of boiling water over himself.

The Pine Bluffs Town Council voted to call for bids for a new diesel engine, to replace the small 50 hp engine which was being used in the local light plant.

Wm. B. Morris, deputy sheriff of the Pine Bluffs district for six years, tendered his resignation and Andy Floy was to fill the position.

Winter’s first real onslaught drove the mercury in Pine Bluffs to an official low of 14 below zero.

Little Jeannette Beardsley, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Beardsley was rushed to a Denver hospital after the parents discovered the small child had swallowed a penny.

Mrs. Claude Nussbaum (Cladys Mae Reynolds) prominent lady of the Golden Prairie district, passed away at the N.A. Clark home in Pine Bluffs. She gave birth to twin boys and was apparently recovering very satisfactorily until a clot of blood struck her heart and suddenly snuffed out her life. Nussbaum was 33 and was the mother of nine children.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walker Walling of Egbert.


Jan. 9, 1947

Less than three hours after Walt Brown reported his car stolen in front of the Masonic Temple in Pine Bluffs, Deputy Sheriff Charles W. Stephens located the car in North Platte, Nebraska and two youth were in custody, charged with stealing the car.

Miss Orpha Blodgett and Frank Gilbert were united in marriage.

When a Union Pacific freight train blocked the Main Street Crossing for 25 minutes, Pine Bluffs Mayor M.L. Morris filed a complaint in Justice W.H. Edward’s court and both the engineer and conductor were summoned into court. However, counsel for the Union Pacific, agreed to pay the minimum fine of $10 and costs and also agreed that hereafter, all trains stopping on the crossing during daylight hours would be cut, as required by ordinance.

Albert Ornelas, Pine Bluffs High School Junior, was taken to a Kimball hospital, he suffered from a ruptured appendix. Ornelas had to have several blood transfusions and was taking penicillin and it was hopeful he would be able to withstand the operation soon.

Beverly Bresnahan married Earl Sorensen.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schumann and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shoemaker.

Funeral services were held for Mrs. Melvin L. Larson, 45, of Pine Bluffs with approximately 400 people attending. Schools and businesses were closed during the services. She was one of the first four senior graduates of the Pine Bluffs High Schools in 1918.


Jan. 3, 1957

William M. Stubbs Sr., of Burns was to celebrate his 94th birthday.

The Hereford State Bank announced a higher interest rate.

Pine Bluffs Postmaster W. Sheirl Brown announced that the post office department was taking bids for the furnishing of quarters suitable for post office purposes in Pine Bluffs and requested floor space at about 1700 square feet.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. McFarland were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

It was reported in the Pole Creek community news that boys owning .22’s or air rifles should be more considerate, as 15 windows were replaced at the Ridley school and Bill Farris lost a cow.

The new elevator at Egbert boasted a 100,000 bushel capacity.

Engagements were announced for Donna Mae Swanson and Orvil E. Harms and Barbara Ann and Richard L. Kallsen.

Miss Phyllis Knapp and Gene Cohea were married as was Miss Marilyn Ann Christensen and Larry Jay Woken and Miss Nancy Presol and Richard E. Furney.

Daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Deselms, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Louis GrandPre, Lt. And Mrs. Dave Lawton, and to Mr. and Mrs. George Plambeck. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dudley.


Jan. 6, 1967

Alvin Schneider of Fort Collins, Colorado was to replace Olla A. Elwood as manager of the CO-OP Fuel and Supply Company.

Jack Olson, Pine Bluffs High School graduate, was elected a director of the Worland Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schauf were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Pine Bluffs High School Track and Football Coach Don Rounds was appointed sports representative in track for the 1966-67 school year.

Jimmie Rex Lumbert, 29, of Pine Bluffs filed a $360,000 suit against the Union Pacific Railroad for personal injuries received in a car-train collision at the grade crossing one-half mile west of Pine Bluffs. The lawsuit stated that Lumbert’s left leg subsequently was amputated as a result of the accident and Lumbert alleged negligence on behalf of the railroad company.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bruegman celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

The Grover school district’s driver education department was to receive a new 1967 Dodge Coronet from the Walt Sparrow Dodge car dealership in Greeley.

A 1956 automobile driven by George Jarold Smith of Pine Bluffs was damaged at $250 in a one-car accident on a county road a quarter-mile east of Grover. The Smith’s car skidded off the right side of the road at a curve and hit a dirt bank and a fence.

Mr. and Mrs. James Reher left for Broome in western Australia to take over the management of the million-acre Dampier Downs station (ranch).

Deaths included Mrs. Charles L. (Edith Dail) Douglass, 89, of Grover; Mrs. Blanche Thienhardt, 81, of Gering, Nebraska; Arthur R. Macy, 55, of Casper; Hiram R. Eggers 88, of Ainsworth, Nebraska; and Mrs. Gene (Winona Olander) Drury, 59, of Deaver.


Jan. 7, 1977

Taxpayers filling tax returns for 1976 would notice several changes in the law due to the recent passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1976.

The Fifth Quarter Fellowship opened it’s doors to the youth of the area who complained that there was no place in town for them to go and have fun. The fellowship was a ministry provided by the Pine Bluffs Baptist Church and ping pong, darts, pit, checkers, and board games were provided.

The area received much-needed moisture in the form of snow, when three to five inches were reported and three cars of a Union Pacific Railroad train derailed, closing the main line for a few hours.

Harold Nicholls passed away as did Mrs. Charlie Redmon.

Marilyn Lundberg, Dennis Anderson, Scott Sorensen and Ron Butler of Burns attended the Urbana 76’ Missionary Convention in Urbana, Illinois.

LaGrange firetrucks were called to Hawk Springs as a train set fire to grass and burned many acres.

An anniversary dinner was held to celebrate the anniversaries of Mr. and Mrs. George David, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hodges.


Jan. 8, 1987

The Golden Prairie Baptist Church Agricultural Crisis Relief Fund received assistance with the receipt of a cash award from the Albany/Laramie County Lutheran Brotherhood Branch No. 8346 which raffled a hand-made quilt with the original pastoral theme conceived, designed and stitched by Lucille Scheel of Pine Bluffs. The ag crisis fund was created to assist farmers in the area in the throes of financial crisis.

The Unlimited Tire Disposal of Wyoming, Inc., was asking the Laramie County Commissioners for help in obtaining a $25,000 grant from the economic development and stabilization board to do a feasibility and marketing study for the possible site of a tire disposal plant, to be located four and half miles of the Wyoming Truck Plaza.

The lack of certified personnel to operate Albin’s ambulance service was to cut down on the service the volunteer organization would be able to provide. The service would limited to “first response” service only, which would mean no transporting to medical facilities. However, ambulances from Burns, Pine Bluffs and Harrisburg would respond if called.

Mountain Bell Pine Bluffs Representative Leonard Thompson presented Texas Trail Museum Board President Alice Benedict a check for $1,000. The funds were to be used to start renovation of the old community power plant and Benedict said that getting the building in shape to house historical artifacts would be the board’s primary concern.

Hilda E. Lough, 79, of Pine Bluffs passed away as did Bonnie L. Dirks, 38, of Littleton, Colorado.

Ken and Tina Young announced the birth of their son.

University Extension Agent for Laramie County Phil Rosenlund announced a conservation tillage seminar would be held in Pine Bluffs.

Earl and Beverly Sorensen were to be honored for their 40th wedding anniversary.


Jan. 9, 1997

Gerald Amundsen with Affordable Housing approached the Pine Bluffs town council to propose two and three bedroom duplexes to be built to add to the mix of rentals for the community.

Theft occurred at the Burns school construction site with items such as sheet metal equipment and welding equipment being taken from Westates Construction Independent Heating and Interior Partitions.

Jack Knudsen was sworn in as the newest Laramie County Commissioner and said one of his first priorities was to become familiar with the residents of eastern Laramie County.

The Burns Town Council approved the purchase of a street light at the Burns Library as well as police vehicle.

Deaths included Henry Leroy Jessen, 71, of Pine Bluffs; Melissa L. Anderson, 87, of Kimball; and John E. Donoghue, 80, formerly of Pine Bluffs.

A son was born to Mike and Heidi Romsa as well as a son to Troy and Dana Labota.

Troy Randall was the first place winner in the Wyoming State Wheat Growers Poster Contest and Ty Anderson placed second.

LeAnn Sierman was to be married to Grant Smith.


Michelle Kranz of Top Dollar presented a Christmas Stocking worth over $200 to Korben Martinez.

Another snow storm hit the area, leaving between six to eight inches in eastern Laramie County.

Stan McNamee resigned his position on the Pine Bluffs Town Council due to a recent move that took him out of the town boundaries. McNamee had been on the council for seven years.

Newly appointed Pine Bluffs Town Council member Mike “Bubba” Ragsdale joined the council in McNamee’s place, stating he was happy to be on the council.

Walter Wilson, junior at Burns High School, was selected to serve on the 2007 Youth Task Force for the Great West Division of the American Cancer Society.

The story of James William Hodge, whose remains were discovered a year previously at the foot of a statue of Jesus in the Pine Bluffs cemetery, was unraveling, but it still wasn’t known how the remains ended up in the cemetery.

The Burns High School Relay for Life Committee was planning a kick off event for the 2007 year and hoped to raised $25,000 in the relay in May.

The Pine Bluffs Town Council and Tim Thorson of Cheyenne LEADS discussed the next piece of the puzzle for the downtown redevelopment plan.


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