By Jimmie Earls
Pine Bluffs Post Editor 

Is hemp the future of Wyoming ag?


Ron Rabou

Many household products derived from hemp are already available in local stores, with items such as hempmilk, hemp seeds and hemp protein bars found at Walmart and Natural Grocers. Ron Rabou with Wyoming Farmers for Hemp believes 25,000 to 30,000 products could be produced by hemp, reducing the production of synthetics and plastic in many everyday items.

When you think of the top cash crops grown in Wyoming, some people may immediately think of hay, sugar beets or wheat. But when you mention the idea of hemp becoming a top ag producer in the state, critics might say agriculture in Wyoming has gone to pot. Albin-based farmer Ron Rabou strongly disagrees.

"Comparing hemp and marijuana is like comparing a husky and a greyhound", Rabou said. "They're both dogs, but genetically, scientifically, physically, they're completely different. Hemp and marijuana are cousins. Hemp is a crop that looks like marijuana, but hemp is grown for fiber or food,...

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