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Albin election information


Voters in the Albin Town elections on May 2 will be under the watchful eyes of Carol and Sheri Sorensen, who were chosen as election judges by the Town Council at their regular monthly meeting April 13.

The Sorensens will perform their duties at the Albin Community Center for those who wish to cast their ballots for the mayor, the two vacant council seats in addition to the seat currently held by Jerrie Gehrman, who was appointed to the council upon the resignation of Gary Woolington. Gehrman is seeking to retain this seat in the election.

“To me, it's good to give back to the community,” Gehrman said. “I think I can bring something to the table.”

Mayor Kelly Krakow looks to be a shoe-in for his third term as mayor as he is running unopposed. He didn't have much to say, with good reason, about the upcoming election.

“No not really. They pretty much know what I'm like here and what direction we're going, so I don't have much to add to it,” Krakow said.

Kelley Kriz is seeking his second term on the council, while longtime council member Bob Anderson is seeking to retain his.

Kate Russell, a Montana transplant, has lived for Albin the past four years and she is seeking one of the council seats. Russell, whose given name is Katherine, states that everybody knows her as Kate but the name on the ballot is Katherine.

“When they see the ballot they're going to be surprised because they won't know who that is. . .A lot of people know who I am now. I've only been here four years now, but they know who I am and what I stand for,” Russell said. “I'm not a real campaigner, I just figured we needed competition. I'm a strong believer in the two-party system.”

The May 11 town council meeting time has been pushed back to 8:15 p.m. from 7:00 p.m. due to the annual Spring Concert and Silent Auction held at the elementary school.


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