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April 19, 1917


The whole nation was called upon for war service in a formal proclamation issued by President Wilson last night. Declaring that “mere fighting will be fruitless,” the president demanded the active cooperation of men and women in every walk of life---”a great international service army.” From the farmer to the housewife, each individual was called upon to do his or her share in conserving and making available for war use the vast resources of the nation.

“The supreme test of the nation has come,” said the president; “we must all speak, act and serve together.”

British Headquarters in France---With the hot flames of war raging along the entire western front, British and French alike, it can be stated each detail of the offensive has been worked out. The whole struggle in the western theater promises to be a titanic one. Already half a score of Germany’s best divisions have been smashed to pieces by the British onslaught.


Hall’s toggery was the scene of quite a lot of excitement last Monday afternoon when a pan of gasoline caught fire.

B. F. Sieweck, the tailer, was using the gasoline in cleaning and the fumes were ignited from the gasoline stove that was in the room.

Mr. Hall called to Heinie Piephart, who was passing, to ring the fire bell. By the time the fire fighters arrived the fire was under control.

The damage was slight.

Yesterday afternoon, a carload of lumber caught fire on a freight train just before the train pulled into the station. The car was set out here and both the car and lumber were ruined.


April 21, 1927

At the Lions Club meeting Tuesday noon, it was voted to take up the proposition of getting hail insurance for Wyoming farmers. For the last two years there has been practically no hail insurance available in this state, although farmers living in Nebraska and Colorado have been able to get insurance.

The hail companies state their reason for discontinuing the writing of insurance in Laramie County was the inability to make satisfactory settlements after hail damage.


Robbers broke in the C. W. Johnson hardware store sometime after midnight Monday and stole several articles from the store. The robbers gained entrance through a rear window. Word from the Sheriff’s Office that they have mailed out several hundred circulars describing the stolen property in an effort to locate the robbers.

Mrs. Kenneth Smith and son Howard were in Cheyenne the last of the week where Howard had his tonsils removed. He is getting along nicely at this time.


“Well, old man, what are you doing these days?”

“Oh, I’m selling furniture.”

“And what furniture have you sold?”

“Only my own, so far.” Montreal Family Herald.


April 22, 1937

At the meeting of the town council held last Tuesday evening, a large master clock was purchased and will be placed in the city light plant.

The purpose of the large clock is to regulate the engines in such a manner that electric clocks will keep accurate time. In the past, an electric clock in Pine Bluffs would lose or gain as much as an hour a day.

Saturday night, May 1, is the date for the 1937 Old Fiddler’s Contest. It will be held in the Agricultural hall in Pine Bluffs.

All contestants and their wives will be admitted free.

The Ag Hall has been recently remodeled and has one of the best dance floors in the west.


Mrs. Frances Mathios spent Sunday afternoon with home folks.

Mrs. Margretta Gaston is spending the week with Mrs. Ross Howard at Manville, Wyo.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wulf and family spent Sunday afternoon with the Carl Matthews family.


Ross Mewhirder, who has been spending some time with relatives and friends in the east, came Monday morning to spend the summer with his sister, Mrs. George Forsythe and husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Hastian Hammons and children and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jones and son were shopping at Cheyenne Saturday.

Cheyenne Wyo. April 18---Wyoming tophands discussed Sunday rodeoland’s latest development---a union known as the “Cowboys Turtle Association.”

The association, they said, was formed in the east to bring rodeo contestants up to a higher standard and to eliminate would-be cowboys and hangers on.


April 24, 1947


Elmer Harvey was exhibiting the jawbone and two shoulder blades of a prehistoric camel here the first of the week, which workman had uncovered in gravel pits on the Wilkinson ranch north of town.

Harvey identified the species as alticamelus, which he says was a member of the American camel family which lived here about 20,000 years ago, becoming extinct along with the mastodon, mammoth, Folsom man and Folsom buffalo. He said the animal was evidently about the size of a saddle horse. The only native American camels today, he said, are the llamas of South America.


A daughter who has been named Connie Sue was born Tuesday at Memorial Hospital in Cheyenne to Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Baker of Egbert.

A daughter born April 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sterett of Torrington has been named Nella Mae. Mrs. Sterett is the former Miss Wilma Stevens of Carpenter.

Miss Julia Fyfe, 60, well known resident of the Albin community for 27 years, died at Memorial Hospital in Cheyenne Thursday night. Miss Fyfe, who kept house for her brother Charles, suffered a broken hip when she tripped and fell in the kitchen of her home Thursday, while preparing the noon meal. A Cheyenne ambulance was called, but the injured lady became unconscious before the hospital was reached and passed away about 9:00 p.m.

Miss Fyfe was born at Marengo, Ill. and lived at Shelby, Neb. before coming to the Albin community in 1920. She was a member of the OES at Shelby, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Community Methodist Church of Pine Bluffs.

The Pine Bluffs town council is publishing in the Post this week a notice of intention to establish a street improvement district here for approximately 20 blocks of the city streets. The proposed plan, which will include curb and gutter, oil paving and the installation of storm sewers, is estimated to cost approximately $81,000, of which only about $57,000 is to be assessed against the benefited property, the balance of approximately $27,000 being paid from the city’s general fund.


Enjoying a picnic in the hills Sunday were Glennis Strube, Betty Nussbaum, Roberta Johnson and Marilyn Bard, accompanied by Mrs. Arthur Bard and Johnnie. Following the picnic the group went to the airport where Glennis, Betty and Marilyn enjoyed their first plane ride.


April 18, 1957

Dr. C. M. Nelson was notified Thursday that his bid for a post office building for Pine Bluffs had been accepted by the postal department.

The new building of masonry construction will be located on West Fourth Street, between Main and Market Streets, about three blocks from the present location.

Ann Bauman, 11-year-old sixth grader from Carpenter, won first place in the Laramie County spelling contest Saturday at McCormick Junior High School in Cheyenne. Carole Guy was first in the Cheyenne division of the meet. Both girls will represent Laramie County at the Rocky Mountain Spelling Bee in Denver April 27 and Miss Bauman will represent the county in a state spelling contest later this spring.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Higday of Burns observed their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday with an open house at the Burns Presbyterian Church parlors.

Tables were decorated with floral centerpieces and candles, carried out in a color scheme of silver and pink. The anniversary cake, topped with pink roses and silver wedding rings, was baked by Mrs. Betty Stubbs, niece of the Higdays. Coffee and punch was also served. Hostesses were Mrs. Robert Humphrey, Mrs. Charles Wood, Mrs. Lila Roberts, Mrs. Mae Hockersmith and Mrs. Jake Baskins.

A 6-lb., 11-ounce son, Roger Alan, was born April 13 at the Kimball hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woolington of Burns.


April 21, 1967


Albin Day boosters have set Saturday, July 8 for the Albin Day this year. This will be the 39th annual showing of Albin Day---one of the big summer events of southeastern Wyoming---commemorating the coming of the railroad to Albin in 1928..

The theme for big parade will be “Hobbies.”

A registered quarter horse belonging to Edward Stevens was killed instantly when a trailer in which the animal was riding came loose from a pickup and upset one mile east and two and one-half miles north of Pine Bluffs in Nebraska, about 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Pine Bluffs Methodist Church for James Edward Powers, 69, long time Albin resident. Rev. A. L. Kongable officiated and military honors were conferred at the Pine Bluffs cemetery by American Legion Post 77 of Albin.

Born Sept. 25, 1897, at Hutchinson, Kan. he married Anna Schwartz March 21, 1919 at Belleville, Kan. Powers lived in Nebraska and Kansas before moving to Albin in 1938, where he had lived for 28 years. He was a retired farmer.

An army veteran of World War I. Powers enlisted in July 1917 and was discharged as a corporal in January 1919. He was a member of the Baptist Church and American Legion Post 77 of Albin.


April 22, 1977

Mr. and Mrs. John Wise are the proud parents of a baby girl, Jennifer Jeanne, born April 5, weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Ness of Chappel, Neb. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Wise of Pine Bluffs.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jessen are proud parents of a baby son, Stormy Layne, born April 15, weighing 8 lbs., 141/2 oz. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jessen. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, all of Oshkosh, Neb. Great-grandparents are Jim McCormick of Oshkosh, Morris Jessen of Sidney, Neb. and Mrs. Elsie Keas of Oklahoma City, Okla.


Some of the Burns boys got quite a workout Thursday afternoon when a truckload of Washington apples upset by Antelope Station and they were called after school to help reload the truck. All the boys families are enjoying the apples given to the boys who worked, besides being paid for their labors, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Anderson and family were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Arnold of Carpenter.

The Misses Diane Romsa and friend, Cindy Haddix from the University of Wyoming were guests Saturday of Mrs. Lon Smith.


April 23, 1987


There were 75 worshippers who met at the beautiful outdoor setting at the home of Jon Moore early Sunday morning for the Annual Easter Sunrise Service, followed by a continental breakfast sponsored by the young people of the Baptist church. The weather was absolutely perfect and the surprise of seeing a bluebird which lingered for the service was an extra delight for all.


Lindi Kirkbride went to Cheyenne Sunday evening to attend a pot luck supper for the Danish Youth Delegation.

Jean Kirkbride and a friend were weekend guests in the Rod Kirkbride home.

Leona Krakow and Kraig Krakow went to Casper Tuesday returning home Thursday. They were guests in the Gene Krakow home.


Talane Merrell, Kim and Becky, Ron Hansen family, Virgil and Joann Kinnison were among those attending the Easter Egg Hunt in Grover. Several prizes were won by the children and Joann took a moving film of the event.


April 24, 1997

Some Pawnee High students went on an American heritage trip that is taken every three years. Students have to be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades to be able to go.

They went to Washington, D. C,, New York City, Boston and Sturbridge.

The students that went were Andrea Everitt, Andrea Harms, Tonya Enderson, Pam Nelson, Josh Nichlas, Corey Loyd, Jeff Loyd, Adam Hendrickson, Aarin Morrow, Kim Loyd,, and Carmela Harms. Stephanie Wuest, who was a student at Pawnee last year, flew from Texas to join her former schoolmates for the trip. Teacher Pat Healy was the sponsor for the trip.

Legal action may be pending against a Carpenter land owner who a pig operation spokesman says put a house and drilled a domestic well on land less than a mile from where a proposed pig farm is planned in order to try and stop the facility from proceeding.


April 19, 2007

With recent Letters to the Editor concerning the Burns Town Council, Burns Mayor Don Myers wanted to speak out in response to the accusations stated in the letters.

“I want to state the facts that have misled a lot of people in Burns,” Myers said.

Myers said he asks anyone who has an issue to discuss with the council and himself to either give them a call or to attend a council meeting.

“Ask to be put on the agenda, we’ll listen and see what we can do,” Myers said.


The election for the Burns Governing Body is less than a month away. All five seats are open for this election, not one of the town’s governing body was elected, they were all appointed. Go vote.

Jim Clark, Burns

Second graders performed to a packed house during the Pine Bluffs Kindergarten through Second Grade musical of Bugz, Monday night. The performance was under the direction of Karen Woodward. The musical revolved around insects attending a picnic.


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