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By Gary Collins
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Curtis hopes to move from council to mayor's seat


Gary Collins/Pine Bluffs Post

After eight years on the town council, Alan Curtis is seeking to take on the duties of mayor, in the May 2 town elections, upon the retirement of Mayor William Shain.

"I work for Centennial Ag Supply, an ag fertilizer company in town. We started it up in January 2006. We put a shingle up and started that. I was previously with another company here in town and this opportunity came along. It was kind of a start from scratch," Curtis said. "That's what I've done all my working life, forty years experience in it "

Curtis stated that he has enjoyed his time as a councilman, but thinks it is time for him to step up to continue the work accomplished over the past eight years. Curtis believes that the current council and mayor have made great strides in updating and modernizing the town's infrastructure and wants that to continue and move forward.

"I just want to see our infrastructure, there's several items on that specific purpose tax propositions that will help Pine Bluffs, in terms of like finishing up our water, or continuing on with our water projects. Our clean water with our city lagoons, electrical infrastructure, we provide electricity to our city residents and we've been so focused on the water for the town, that was a major initiative eight years ago. That was a big concern and it still always is. We've been working away with that, but now we have to work on those other things and I feel pretty good about it. I'm hoping that these things pass then we can continue on with improving those essentials that the town needs. Pretty much everything that I'm focused on are the essentials. There are things that I would like to do but I wanna make sure that Pine Bluffs is set up for the long term," Curtis said.

Curtis has praise for the actions of Mayor Shain in shoring up the town's water supply with the north wells project.

"That was a big deal, that shored up our water issues for a long time. That was a big deal for the town. That was very important," Curtis said.

His praises extend to the town's employees.

"I think we've got a great group of employees. We've got some jewels and I want to be around to help lead them and help them accomplish because their hearts are in the town. So I want to help support that, from the administrative portion, public works, recreation, law enforcement. I want to help encourage them and just continue on," Curtis said.


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