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By Gary Collins
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Herman makes a bid for mayor


Gary Collins/Pine Bluffs Post

Don Herman is looking to bring a new voice and new ideas to the office of mayor in the May 2 Pine Bluffs town elections.

"I grew up in this town and the way I look at things around here a lot of things need to change," Herman said during the Meet and Greet event for candidates for office held in Town Hall, April 12.

He believes that the town has not done enough in regards to infrastructure and to bring new businesses to town. He also questions the town's reliance on the sixth penny tax and wonders if the council and mayor are budgeting the town's monies properly. He also has an issue with properties within the town that he feels should be cleaned up.

"We have an ordinance on the books to do that. Then I wonder why that's not being acted on?," Herman said.

He is also concerned about bringing new businesses to town. He would like to see the process made more convenient and user friendly.

"I'd like to see a streamlined process for people who want to open a new business here in town, that you could come down here and pick up a packet, 'cause a lot of our inspections, electrical, fire and all that has to happen through the state government, through Cheyenne. But somebody comes in, they don't know who they need to call, they don't know what's required. I'd like to see a packet that lists everything, A-Z. . .Be a little more enticing to bring people into town," Herman said.

He is also concerned that the youth of Pine Bluffs do not have enough recreational opportunities.

"I'd like to see a place where our youth could go, instead of partying out in the pastures. I've seen over the years, growing up here, they bring an arcade in for kids and for no reason it gets shut down. Well, why?," Herman said.

Herman works days in Cheyenne for Dish Technologies and as a part-time bartender at the Knotty Pine Saloon in Pine Bluffs. He serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the Texas Trails Market Co-op. Growing up in Pine Bluffs he hopes to bring a voice of, not necessarily change, but of moving forward and up to the governing body of Pine Bluffs.

"I think we need to invest in our town and start there and kind of take things one step at a time. You know this was a pretty vibrant place 20 years ago, I'd like to see it get back to that," Herman said.


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