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Wouldn’t it be nice if we were allowed to vote on our weather? Of course, some ballots might only include blizzard or snow and ice, instead of every vote being clear skies 70 degrees. The saying, “the lesser of two evils,” might mean something as cold as ice.

I think, given the choice, even those who never admit it, would vote for a special day just for them. Birthdays should be that day for everyone. Here are some neighbors and friends you can make feel extra special this week. Dorothy Leonard celebrates May 11, Marc Mirich May 13, Cody Branigan May 14, and May 17 is Rutley Hansen’s birthday.

In a town of a little over 120 people, only 20 showed up to exercise their right to vote. What a special privilege it is to take part in the democratic process. We, as citizens, are directly responsible for how our towns, counties, states and the entire nation is run. Next time a chance comes to record your choices for our government, take pride in that opportunity. The 20 voters elected Kelly Krakow as Mayor, and placed Bob Anderson, Kelley Kriz, and Kate Russell as council members.

A clean hometown would be top of everyone’s ballot. Albin’s cleanup will be May 13. If you would like to help, meet at the community center by 9 a.m. for coffee and rolls. Have everything by your dumpster by 9 for pickup. There are signs posted at the post office and the community center for more information.

For best driver, biggest fan, best cook, best hug, generally every “best ever” contest out there, our mom’s would win. There may never be an election for best mom, but be sure to let your mom know how much you love her, not for being the best, but for just being your mom.

You kept me safe, warm and fed as an infant. You watched over my first steps and stumbles, listened to my babbles and tolerated my “dress up” through my youth. Through my teens and early adult years, you once again watched my first steps into the big world, watched me stumble more than balance, and tolerated all my words. Now, as a seasoned mother myself, you are still there, watching my steps, pointing to paths that would be easier and cause less stumbling, and are still the only one who seems to listen to all those words I still seem to have.

Every mom is special but I am glad mine was selected to govern my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.


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